The US - ASEAN Business Council worked with EVN leaders

On March 13, 2019, at the headquarters of Vietnam Electricity, EVN’s Vice President Nguyen Tai Anh welcomed and worked with a high-level business delegation of the US - ASEAN Business Council.

Head of the delegation was Mr. Alexander Feldman, President and CEO of the Council; Mr. Jecot de Rios, President of GE Philippines, and President of Asia Pacific Regional Public Cooperation of GE, Chairman of Vietnam Committee in the US – ASEAN Business Council.

The high-level business delegation of 2019 US – ASEAN Business Council thanked the leader of EVN for welcoming and working with the delegation. At the same time, they emphasized that in recent years, EVN and businesses under the Council have developed good bilateral and multilateral cooperation relationships. This meeting was an opportunity for US businesses to strengthen their relationships, learn about the upcoming development orientation of EVN and explore the possibilities of strengthening cooperation in the coming time.

The high-level business delegation of the US - ASEAN Business Council worked with EVN

Welcoming the delegation, EVN’s Vice President Nguyen Tai Anh presented information on the development status of EVN, as well as a general view of power market in Vietnam.

To date, the scale of Vietnam's power system is about 38,000 MW and will grow further in order to meet the country's electricity growth rate of about 10% per year. Vietnam has been boosting the development of renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power and LNG power plant projects, etc. At the same time, in recent years, the need to import coal for electricity generation has been emerging too.

EVN’s Vice President Nguyen Tai Anh said that the power industry in Vietnam would face a lot of challenges in the coming time. Firstly, every year Vietnam will need to raise billions of dollars to invest in power projects. Vietnam's power industry is welcoming private investors, especially in the field of power generation development.

EVN’s Vice President Nguyen Tai Anh (second from right) welcomed the delegation of US - ASEAN Business Council

The larger the scale of power system is, the more necessarily a modern technology system should be developed to secure a stable operation of the power system, especially when renewable energy sources are injected into the grid. Therefore, EVN is willing to cooperate with appropriate partners to secure electricity supply for the country's socio - economic development.

At the meeting, the leader of EVN and large US corporations such as GE Group, 3M Group, AES Group, Exxon Group, etc. also spent a lot of time exchanging opportunities for cooperation in such areas as: renewable energy, development of energy storage battery projects, strengthening power transmission capacity, undergrounding power grids in urban areas, applying digitalization in the power industry, etc.

  • 13/03/2019 03:36