The unprecedented Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the power industry

All the reform activities made by the Power Industry aim at serving customers in the best manner, which is a sustainable development orientation of Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

Transition of a “big cheese”  

The North has been experiencing the fiercest heat waves in the summer, consequently the upsurge of electricity consumption demand has put a critical pressure on the Power Industry as well as associated power services. It is actually recorded that a majority of customers are satisfied with services provided by the Power Industry.


Up to June 2017, EVN had sold electricity directly to more than 24.85 customers all over the country

Ms. Dam Thu Thuy (Lieu Giai, Ha Noi) said that: “During hot days in the beginning of June 2017, electrical home appliances such as air conditioner, television set, refrigerator, steam cooling fan, etc. ran at full capacity, which led to overloading of household electric system and then tripping of circuit breaker. I called the Customer Care Hotline 19001288 of EVNHANOI and electrical technicians were instantly sent to my house for restoring the situation”, Ms. Thuy highly appreciated the considerate care and service for the sake of customers of such a public utility.

In reality, during hot scorching days, the Power Industry mobilized their entire workforce to serve the population and on some peak days workers had to work up to 16 hours per day.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) stated that the street where she lives now sometimes experiences power outages, however notices of power outages with obvious information including reasons and outage duration are always given to customers in advance, therefore all the customers happily make their own arrangements to accommodate.

Ms. Nga well values the simplification of administrative procedures and application of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in customer care services by the Power Industry. This would enable young and busy people to observe and comment on the Power Industry.

“Recently, my husband and I have moved to our own private house, we thought that we would have to go to an EVN’s transaction office to apply for electricity supply. However what we need to do now is just to register online”, Ms. Nga informed that she regularly visits EVNHANOI’s website for seeking information of power consumption history, electricity bills, etc., which is very convenient.

In the past, when raising any questions about electricity bills, Mr. Nguyen Trung Dong (Cau Giay, Hanoi) were frequently dissatisfied with answers which made him depressed. Nowadays, the Power Industry “wears a new coat” over a public utility, serves customers dedicatedly, sincerely, honestly, transparently and ready for dialogue with customers in case of claims or disputes until a common voice can be found between the parties.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been gradually changing the face of the Power Industry

Until June 2017, EVN has directly sold electricity to more than 24.85 million customers all over the country. 

Besides the core production and business activities to secure sufficient electricity supply to the socio – economic development and residential uses of the people, customer service activities are attached great importance to.

In particular, EVN will continue application of technologies in customer care services in order to diversify service delivery channels and facilitate transactions and interactions with customers towards promoting information technology application and online service delivery.

In details, the Power Industry has performed services such as SMS notification, bill collection via bank transfer, online service registration, online monthly power consumption data searching on websites, etc. All the information are being publicized and transparentized on websites of power corporations and customers can call to the 24 - hour customer care hotlines in case of any inquiries or claims, etc.

Furthermore, customers can directly check their monthly metering data on smartphone applications. Power meter reading is virtually done without manual works via the metering and bill calculating software CMIS of EVN

In 2016, EVN put into operation five Customer Care Centers, 24/24h on duty. In 2017, EVN will deliver online power supply services via these customer care websites of five power corporations and via Customer Care Centers.

Since 2013, customer satisfaction and electrical service quality have been evaluated by EVN through independent consultants. The average customer satisfaction level of EVN as a whole has gradually improved in years: in 2013 the average mark was 6.45, it improved to 6.9, 7.27 and 7.69 in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. The marks at or above 7 are considered as acceptable customer satisfaction.

In 2016, the average electricity delivery duration of the Power Industry to medium voltage customers was 6 days, which remarkably improved the access to electricity indicator of Vietnam from level 156 (in 2013) to level 96 (60 levels upwards). 

The Doing Business program of the World Bank recognizes an improvement of procedure handling days of the Power Industry from 15 days in 2015 down to 11 days. The reliability of power supply and transparency of power tariff in Vietnam has approximated to the average level of countries in Asia – Pacific region.  

Recently on March 14, 2017, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has published the Annual Provincial Competitiveness Index in 2016 which ranks electricity supply service 2nd in many infrastructure indicators.

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