Trung Son Hydropower Plant

1. General

Name of project:

Trung Son Hydropower Plant

Investor :

Vietnam Electricity/Power Generation Corporation 3

Project manager:

Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited

Project location:

Trung Son commune, Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province

Total investment:

VND 7,775,146 million

Investment sources:

World Bank (80%), EVN reciprocal capital (20%)

Project scale:


Number of units:

04 x 65MW

Annual Output:

1,018.61million kWh

Trung Son Hydropower Project is a medium size one on main stream of Ma River in North West region of Vietnam

The project is applied 8 of 10 international criteria after WB requirement for hydropower project. This is the first project designed for additional structures to increase safety such as emergency spillway (i.e. fuse plug spillway) for dam and powerhouse protection during Probable Maximum Flood (PMF); and sand sluice to reduce sedimentation affection to dam. Environmental and social impacts from the project construction and operation will be maximum avoided and mitigated. Especially livelihood of affected people will be significantly improved after project completion.

This is a multi-purpose project, thus the project will provide electric power, help to control floods, as well as participation on climate change program in Vietnam by avoiding CO2 emission.

Generation output will be dispatched in a 65km long 220kV transmission line to connect with the national grid of Vietnam.

2. Schedule

  • Ground breaking ceremony: 24 December 2012
  • River closure: 01 December 2013
  • First inundation: October 2016
  • Operation of 1st unit: 4th Quarter 2016
  • Operation of 2nd unit: 4th Quarter 2016
  • Operation of 3rd unit: 1st Quarter 2017
  • Operation of 4th unit: 2nd Quarter 2017

  • 29/12/2016 10:54
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