Vietnam’s access-to-electricity index in 2019 continues the upward momentum in terms of scores

On October 24th 2019, the Researching Team - Doing Business of World Bank announced Doing Business 2020 report with the results of accessing the competitiveness indicators in 2019 of 190 countries including the evaluation on ACCESS-TO-ELECTRICITY INDEX.

According to the evaluation results, in 2019, it is recorded that improvements in the Access-to-electricity Index increase for the 6th year in a row with a score of 88.2 points (an increase of 0.26 points compared to 87.94 points in 2018). Access-to-electricity Index is assessed by Doing Business based on the following criteria: procedure, time and cost to connect to the grid, reliability of electricity supply and transparency of electricity price.

Vietnam’s Access-to-electricity Index continues to rank at 4th in ASEAN – standing in ASEAN-4 group and maintaining its position of 27th out of 190 countries. In 2019, Access-to-electricity Index in ASEAN saw a drop in the ranking of some countries such as Singapore from 16th to 19th in the world, the Philippines dropped to 6th after Brunei. For the constantly maintaining of the increase in Access-to-electricity Index, improving customer services, Electricity of Vietnam has focused on promoting digital transformation, providing electricity services at level 4.  

Number of procedures and implementation time of Electricity Industry of Vietnam continues to maintain the second position in ASEAN. Comparing Vietnam with other countries which is member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership shows that Vietnam’s Access-to-electricity Index is in top 4 of member countries  

In order to maintain the existing rankings and keep increasing the score, recently, EVN has consistently drastically implemented a  series of digital transformation solutions in customer services such as: 100% of EVN’s power supply services are performed online equivalent to level-4 public services; at present, all procedures such as service order, signing contract and making payment can be carried out 100% online. EVN strives to diversify information channels towards greater openness and transparency of the Electricity Industry’s regulations and procedures such as through customer care websites, direct responses via the hotline operating 24 hours per day of EVN’s customer care centers nationwide; Customer-care mobile applications (app).

In 2019, EVN will further improve its business and customer services with the implementation of providing 100% of electronic services electronically. Under this new method, from new power supply services to services during the implementation of electricity purchase and sale contracts such as raising capacity, changing household norms, changing power use purposes, periodically hanging electricity meters, etc., are provided to customers. EVN has urgently implemented a process of providing electronic services and upgraded IT infrastructure systems to meet the demand of service provision to customers.  

In 2019, apart from deploying electronic transactions, EVN will complete the connection of 03 power supply services including: registering and granting new medium-voltage customers, registering and granting new low-voltage customers and payment of electricity charges on via National Public Service Portal. Since September 2019, EVN has begun testing this service and will officially provide the service nationwide in November 2019. In addition, EVN has connected to apply electricity services on the websites which providing online public services, websites of Public administrative centers in all provinces/cities nationwide.  

EVN’s diversified and synchronous deployment of digital and information technology applications in customer care has contributed to bring electricity services closer to businesses and people. At the same time, it helps to shorten time, simplify procedures and accelerate the disclosure and transparency of electricity services to customers. The results of maintaining the momentum in increasing the scores for 6 consecutive years has affirmed the positive results for the restless efforts by EVN in bringing better service quality to the customers.  


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