What benefits of "virtualization" of electricity services can be created for customers?

By providing 100% of electricity services online, the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) has "virtualized" the communication process between the power sector and customers, bringing convenience to customers, ensuring publicity and transparency.

Anytime, anywhere, 24/7

According to Ms. Do Nguyet Anh - Chairman of EVNNPC's Board of Directors, EVNNPC has defined digital transformation in general and digital transformation in the field of business and customer service in particular as a key task which makes an important contribution to the corporation’s enhancement of labor productivity, improvement of business processes and especially creates a digital space to interact with customers in the best way. Therefore, the corporation has set up a very detailed plan for each month, each quarter, with the goal that by the end of 2022, it will basically become an enterprise operating under the digital enterprise model.

Online electricity services not only help customers save costs and time but also monitor the implementation process of the power sector.

EVNNPC staff guides customers to use online electricity services

Online electricity services also minimize direct contact between customers and the power sector’s staff in the context of complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, EVNNPC has provided 100% of lectricity services online through its website, email, Zalo application, EVNNPC Customer Service application on mobile phones, call center number 19006769, etc. Consumers can easily use online electricity services through Public Service Portals of provinces and cities; and the National Public Service Portal. These are both an online electricity service delivery channel and an important information channel for the corporation to listen to and collect customer opinions from a "channel" coming from the government, ensuring publicity, transparency in the implementation of electricity services.

Modernizing the metering system

Implementing the "Smart grid development roadmap" according to the policy of the Government, EVNNPC has accelerated the modernization of its metering system. By the end of September 2021, the number of electronic meters on the grid has reached about 6.1 million meters, accounting for nearly 60% of the existing meters. In parallel, EVNNPC has promoted the digitization of power supply contracts. By the end of September 2021, the corporation has digitized 8.93 million contracts, reaching 96.75%. When digitizing power supply contracts, customers can view, download contracts and look up information at EVNNPC's customer care website: http://cskh.npc.com.vn.

EVNNPC’s achievements in the first 10 months of 2021:

- The rate of electricity service provision by electronic mode reached 97.23%, 2.23% higher than the plan assigned by EVN; expected to reach 97.5% in 2021, up 14.51% compared to 2020.

- The rate of customers registering electricity services through the National Public Service Portal reached 64.15%; expected to reach 64.1% in 2021, up 31.06% compared to 2020.

- The rate of level 4 electricity service provision reached 91.23%, 11.23% higher than the plan assigned by EVN; expected to reach 91.5% in 2021, up 11.5% compared to the plan.

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