Which technology helps shortening interruption time for customers?

With effective utilization of advanced technologies such as hotline repair, remote control center, unmanned substation, etc., EVN has supplied power to customers with increasingly stable and reliable quality.

Electricians in hotline team of Hanoi Power Corporation operating on live-line - Photo: EVN’s Public Relations Department

In 2018, throughout the Group, average SAIDI (system average interruption frequency index) was 724.48 minutes/customer, equivalent to 1/2 day per customer in the year, decreasing by about 33% compared to 2017.

Besides, indexes of power supply reliability, such as SAIFI (system average interruption frequency index) was only 4.97 times/customer, decreasing by over 2 times compared to 2017. MAIFI (momentary average interruption frequency index) was 0.78 time/customer, decreasing by 0.16 time compared to 2017.

Indexes on reliability of power supply have been improved, demonstrating the increasingly stable and reliable quality of power supplied by EVN to customers. One of the solutions bringing this result is effectively applying and exploiting modern technologies, typically the one of repair without interruption (hotline).

For example, at Phu Yen Power Company (Central Power Corporation), in 2018, its hotline team effectively operated on power grid, reducing SAIDI to more than 500 minutes/customer. Currently, Phu Yen Power Company is conducting training for its second hotline team in order to effectively promote this technology.

Throughout the Group, the number of hotline team has rapidly increased. By the end of 2018, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation had established 16 teams; Central Power Corporation, after “reaching finish line” with hotline teams set up in 100% of units, had immediately started to train “2nd generation” teams.

In 21 Southern provinces, cities, there had been 21 hotline teams under Southern Power Corporation. Northern Power Corporation and Hanoi City Power Corporation had developed a total of 9 hotline teams and their “strength” will be continued to increase in 2019.

Over the past time, the power corporations have gradually digitized their power grid operation, developed remote control centers and unmanned substations. These centers have safely, stably operated power grids, minimizing manual manipulation of workers, timely implementing remote switch on/off for power grids throughout the area; or timely detected areas being in risk of incident to arrange forces for timely and promptly handling.

EVN has effectively applied information technology, especially the achievements from the Industrial Revolution 4.0 such as: Remote metering system, geographic information system for power system, etc., thereby, improving efficiency of power grid operation results, shortening interruption time for customers.

EVN’s power supply reliability index of SAIDI markedly improved in period 2015 - 2018

  • 20/03/2019 11:01
  • evn.com.vn