In 2019, EVNNPC to strongly apply science and technology in managing – operating power grid

This is the main content at the Conference on deploying the task of Technical – Operation Management, Occupational Safety and Health and Information Technology in 2019 of Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) taking place on 14 March.

Safe and reliable power grid operation

Making a speech at the Conference, Mr. Le Viet Hung - Deputy Head of Technical and Operational Department of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) stated that EVNNPC was the largest power corporation of EVN with approximately 11 million power users, accounting for 37.3% of EVN’s total number of customers. Its commercial power output also accounted for 33% that of the whole Group. The Corporation had safely and reliably supplied power with increasing quality, serving socio-economic development and people’s living activities in 27 provinces and cities in the North.

EVNNPC organizing a signing ceremony to commit on implementation of power loss targets in 2019 between the Corporation and units

Additionally, the power loss rate of EVNNPC was at 5.10%, decreasing by 0.53% and 0.41% in comparison with that of 2017 and the plan assigned by EVN respectively; the reliability indicators of power supply all met and surpassed the plan with the SAIDI at 873 minutes, SAIFI at 6.61 times and MAIFI at 0.7 time, etc.

The Corporation has also applied science and technology to management and operation such as: Remote control, unmanned substations, power repair with hotline technology, software for managing power outage and calculating power grid reliability with Outage Management System (OMS), managing power on administrative maps with Geographic Information System (GIS), managing technique for power source and grid with Power Management Information System (PMIS), Customer Management Information System (CMIS 3.0), etc., contributing to improve management capacity, optimize costs and enhance labour productivity.

In 2018, EVNNPC was also a typical unit of the Group in occupational safety and health aspects. The whole Corporation did not allow any occupational accident caused by carelessness.

Ms. Do Thi Nguyet Anh – Standing Deputy General Director of  EVNNPC awarding Certificate of Merit of the Corporation to unit with outstanding achievements in management and operation

Promotion of automation

With the specific characteristics of complex topography, high lightning density and old equipment remained on the grid, EVNNPC also needs to strongly implement solutions to reduce incident rate, especially on 110kV grid; promote the application of science and technology in the management and operation; automate the power grid; strengthen training of intensive specialists and engineers in the field of automation, etc.

In 2019, EVNNPC will continue to build remote control centers, unmanned substations, etc. Particularly, EVNNPC will promote the application of achievements from Industrial revolution 4.0 to all activities such as: Solution of transmission channel for mobile network connection (3G/APN) for devices on medium-voltage power grid in collecting, monitoring and switching on/off; digitization of electricity services, power purchase and sale agreement; implement online debt store and integrate the debit system further using QR and fingerprint technologies; upgrade CRM software integrating and exploiting remote metering data for customer care; power delivery software and software for management and adjustment of power load; expand the software for Power Grid management on map (GIS) for low-voltage grid, etc.

     With synchronous solutions, EVNNPC aims to complete the assigned tasked 1 year ahead of the plan for the period 2016-2020 in all management and operation targets.

  • 14/03/2019 04:22