Changing the Name on Electricity Bill

How to change the name on the electricity bill from the existing house owner to the new house owner?    



* To change the name on the power purchase contract,  you need to fulfil the following steps:

1. A request in writing to change the name on the power purchase contract with the consent of the existing owner named in the contract with one of the papers certifying the ownwership (or the right to use) of the new owner at the location of power purchase or a request in writing certified by the local authority.

- In case no above mentioned paper is available,  the power company sends a letter to the person named in the power purchase contract (by mail or courier express service). After15 days if not getting the answers of the former owner, the power company requests the new owner to have a commitment in writing to be legally responsible for the change of the name in casse there is a claim from the  existing owner.

2. The documents related to the existing power purchase contract (provided by the power purchase contract  management team);

3. Confirmation of the debt on electricity bill ( provided by the debt management team). In case of electricity bill debt of the existing owner, if the new owner still wans to change the name on the contract, the new owner has the commitment in writing to pay the debt.

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  • 28/11/2016