Coal to be supplied adequate for power generation

This is the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung at the Conference on coal supply for power generation organized on 12 December 2018 in Ha Noi.

Delivering the keynote address at the Conference, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung emphasized that power played a crucial role in all production activities of the economy and daily activities of people. Over the past years, the Power sector had implemented supplying power for production and living in a very proper manner.

Currently, Viet Nam has owned more than 45,000MW of power capacity, by 2025, it will reach 90,000MW to meet the country’s power demand. In which, hydropower and thermal power are two major sources. However, all potentials of hydropower have been basically exploited, the source of thermal power - coal-fired thermal power will make up a large proportion.

Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung delivering keynote address at the conference

Our country is developing solar power, wind power, but these sources cannot replace thermal power in the short and medium term. Viet Nam still needs to develop coal-fired thermal power with the requirement that the to-be-applied technology shall reduce emissions and ensure the environment.

Demand for power is highly increasing. In the coming time, the risk of power shortage will be high if the development of power sources, ease of difficulties for power investment projects, as well as assurance of input requirements of fuels for power generation are not drastically focused on.

The Deputy PM emphasized: Coal cannot be inadequate for power generation and power cannot be inadequate for production and living activities of people in any situation.

Mr. Dinh Quang Tri - Deputy General Director in charge of responsibilities and tasks for EVN’s General Director (second from left) and Mr. Dang Thanh Hai - General Director of TKV (Viet Nam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited) (second from right) completing contract of coal supply for Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

At the conference, Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung directed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to focus on developing coal consumption chart of industrial production and service households in Viet Nam generally and coal demand for power generation particularly, thereby, developing long-term, medium-term and annual plans for coal supply to production in general and the Power sector in particular, including domestic and imported coal.

At the same time, he directed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to acts as the leading unit in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, relevant functional agencies to study the use of coal with mixed composition for power generation and fuel supply for power generation in the most efficient way.

TKV, Dong Bac Corporation and EVN should urgently agree to sign contracts for medium-term and annual coal supply, avoiding any adverse situation as that in 2018.

For imported coal, the Deputy PM asked investors of power plants to take the initiative in coal sources for power generation. The import of coal shall follow the principle of market price, competitiveness and transparency; ensuring reasonable coal prices, reducing input costs for power generation.

At the Conference, leaders of EVN and TKV signed a contract of coal supply for EVN’s Thai Binh 1 Thermal Power Plant under the witness of Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung and the delegates.

At the same time, leaders of EVN and TKV expressed their determination to continue balancing supply - demand, additionally negotiating and signing contracts of coal supply for other thermal power plants of EVN, with the shared target of ensuring sufficient power for socio-economic development and ensuring national energy security.

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