Cooperation for the development of Vietnam power industry

Choosing Vietnam as the first country in the region to introduce the energy ecosystem, what does GE hope in this cooperation? Reporter of the Electric Power Magazine had a conversation with Mr. Wouter Van Wersch – President and CEO of GE ASEAN.

Mr. Wouter Van Wersch

Reporter: Why has GE chosen Vietnam as the first country in the region for introducing the energy solution ecosystem, Sir?

Mr. Wouter Van Wersch:  We’ve chosen to launch the Energy Ecosystem portfolio in Vietnam because it is one of the most energy – hungry nations in the world and open to new ideas, and solutions, to produce more affordable, reliable and sustainable power.

Therefore, some new innovative and hopefully effective solutions have been presented. In particular, many of the solutions have been jointly developed by GE and GE’s customers and partners across the entire energy landscape, with a view to energy security and sustainable energy development in the future.

Reporter: Among the energy innovative solutions introduced to Vietnam, GE has paid much attention to renewable energy. However, in the time to come, coal fired thermal power generation will maintain being a critical energy source?

Mr. Wouter Van Wersch: GE views that a balanced, rational, stable power generation mix composing of various energy types is crucial. In order to satisfy socio – economic development objectives, the Government of Vietnam has determined to prioritize renewable energy development while kept emphasizing the role of coal fired thermal power generation in the revised National Power Development Master Plan No. VII.

Among energy solutions for Vietnam, GE can provide a wide range of the most advanced and state of the art technologies for wind power, hydropower, coal fired thermal power and gas turbine, in order to contribute to the improvement of power production efficiency.

In terms of coal fired thermal power projects, GE has supplied technological equipment to Vinh Tan 2 and Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plants. At present, GE wishes to extend cooperation in coal fired thermal power projects which are being prepared for implementation in the coming time in Vietnam. GE aims to provide advanced technologies to the Vietnamese energy sector in general and the power industry in particular in order to improve efficiency, mitigate emission, and meet the ever stringent environmental standards and regulations.

Reporter: What should Vietnam do to realize solutions in the energy ecosystem, sir?

Mr. Wouter Van Wersch:  Vietnam should develop a sound energy generation mix, including hydropower, coal fired thermal power, gas turbine, and renewable energy, in order to secure stable and sustainable development at reasonable investment costs. With regards to renewable energy, a power purchase agreement template with an appropriate feed in tariff should be in place.

During the past time, some countries in the world have made a common mistake when they have disregarded investment in human resource development. Investments in only advanced technologies and equipment will not effectively attain investment objectives if competent human resources for operating and maintaining this equipment are not available.

Reporter: What assistances can be extended by GE to EVN in the current context when investment capital mobilization faces a lot of difficulties?  

Mr. Wouter Van Wersch: The global capital market is always limited. However, there are still organizations and banks who are interested in coal fired thermal power projects which are equipped with cutting - edge technologies in order to bring about the highest efficiency.

In the countries where financial sources funded by the World Bank or other development agencies are not available, coal fired thermal power projects can be financed via commercial borrowings. Therefore, with the aim of arranging adequate finance for power projects, particularly coal fired thermal power projects, project efficiency in the whole project lifetime should be analyzed. GE shall try our bests to deliver the best equipment which can optimize maintenance costs and consequently optimize cost of the whole project lifetime. GE will also support and facilitate EVN’s access to capital sources of the third party if EVN invests in and develops solutions of the energy ecosystem. 

Reporter: Thank you very much!

  • 11/06/2017 10:31