EVN: Transparency and efficiency in bidding

In 2018, the savings rate in bidding activities of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) reached over 10%. EVN was also the leading corporation in the country in online bidding performance. What did EVN do to achieve these outstanding results?

Saving VND 5,000 billion of bidding costs

Mr. Nguyen Tai Anh – EVN’s Vice President said that in order to satisfactorily fulfill the tasks assigned by the Government of sufficiently meeting the electricity demand for the country's socio-economic development, on average EVN annually spends about VND 85,000 billion for construction investment activities, and VND 30,000 - 40,000 billion for production and business activities. With such a large investment volume, the saving of costs and the enhancement of efficiency in all stages has been paid particular attention to by EVN.

In 2018 alone, EVN did save over 10% of the total bidding cost. Specifically, in the area of construction investment, EVN performed about 13,900 bidding packages with a total awarding value of about VND 44,800 billion, saving more than VND 5,000 billion (equivalent to 10.2%). This figure in the production and business area was 9,300 packages, with a total awarding value of VND 26,300 billion, the saving rate was 9.3%.

Recently, EVN has promoted online bidding, thereby enabling EVN to improve the efficiency in bidding activities, creating a fair, healthy, transparent, time and cost saving, and administratively friendly environment.

In 2018, EVN successfully performed online bidding for 7,400 bidding packages (accounting for about 32% of the total number of bidding packages of the Group); including bidding packages valued over VND 200 billion. In particular, the number of bidding packages being bid online by EVN accounted for over 50% of the nation's bidding packages.

 Application of contractor evaluation criteria

EVN’s Procurement Management Department said that in order to effectively perform bidding activities, EVN has completely developed a system of internal regulations, procedures, and specific guidelines as a legal foundation for all procurement activities. EVN has issued a Decision on contractor quality evaluation to guide its member organizations in evaluating and scoring contractors.

In 2019, EVN will continue to develop and implement drastic solutions, in order to further improve the effectiveness of bidding activities; especially solutions to perform online bidding for large-scale bidding packages, etc.

  • 24/03/2019 03:21
  • evn.com.vn