EVN deploying “Customer Gratitude Month of December 2018”

With the responsibility and spirit on gratitude for power users, Viet Nam Electricity (EVN) has deployed the “CUSTOMER GRATITUDE MONTH” in December 2018.

This is the 4th Customer Gratitude program annually deployed in December by Viet Nam Electricity with the target of taking practical actions to send gratitude to all power users nationwide on the 64th anniversary of Vietnamese Power Sector’s Traditional Day (21 December 1954 - 21 December 2018).

The Customer Gratitude Month - December 2018 of 2018 is deployed with the message of “Professionality, efficiency”. The activities in “Customer Gratitude Month” of Viet Nam Electricity are carried out nationwide with a view to sustainable development, contributing to improve investment environment, promote socio-economic development, consider customers as the centre of development. Key activities taking place during the Customer Gratitude Month of  December 2018 are as follows:

* Power repair and installation free of charge in December 2018 under the program of “Enlightening Confidence” for more than 16,000 poor families and policy families in the whole country.

* Program on installation without charge of rooftop solar power for more than 100 users which are schools and a number of policy families.

* Hundreds of substations of major customers will be maintained free of charge by the Power sector in December 2018.

* Organize Customer conference at all Power Companies nationwide to send the gratitude from staffs and employees in Power sector to customers, and also listen to their comments.

All leaders, staffs and employees of EVN are determined to successfully implement the programs and activities in the “Customer Gratitude Month” - December 2018 with the outcomes which are practical, appropriate, easy to recognize with extensive spreading, profound influence. The Group commits to continuously reform with transparent procedures in production, business and customer services.

In 2018, EVN’s efforts in improving the quality of power supply services have been acknowledged by society and community through a series of indexes with positive change such as: Customer satisfaction index, Electricity access index, indexes of power supply quality (SAIDI, SAIFI, etc.).

Viet Nam’s Electricity Access Index in 2018 has increased by 37 levels over its ranking in 2017, making Viet Nam recognized as the economy with the largest improvement for this index in the region. Viet Nam has surpassed the Philippines and is currently ranked 4th in ASEAN - listed in ASEAN-4 group. Particularly regarding the number of procedures and time of power supply of the Power sector, Viet Nam has been ranked 2nd in ASEAN. In 2018, 100% of EVN’s power supply services can be registered online, which is equivalent to level-3 public services. By this time, electricity services have been interconnected to be uploaded on websites providing online public services of 42 provinces/ cities, electricity bill payment has been made in various forms, creating maximal convenience for customers.

EVN has continuously innovated and applied advanced technologies in its business, customer services and improved quality of power supply services. EVN’s efforts have been recognized by Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as well as enterprise community when being voted on top of 100 enterprises attaining the title “Viet Nam’s Sustainable Enterprise 2018”.

Viet Nam Electricity would like to express respectful thanks and gratitude to all power users, social agencies, organizations, news, press agencies who have accompanied with the Group over the past time. Viet Nam Electricity would like to continue to receive the support and suggestions from power users, social agencies, organizations, media agencies on all production and business activities for our further completion, meeting the increasing requirements of society in customer services./.


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