EVN properly plays  leading role in ensuring national energy security

That is the affirmation made by Mr. Cao Duc Phat - Member of the Party Central Committee, Permanent Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission at the working session with Viet Nam Electricity on 24 December in Ha Noi.

At this working session, the Central Economic Commission would like to grasp and understand about the recommendations of EVN - the unit playing the core role in ensuring national energy security, thereby advising the Politburo and Central Executive Committee to issue the best decisions and policies in the context of big challenges of energy in the coming time - Mr. Cao Duc Phat said.

Also, according to leaders of the Central Economic Commission, EVN should prepare for new development steps, study and propose solutions for electricity pricing, because this is the core factor contributing to accelerating the equitization process, creating a driving force to attract investment capital for construction of power works as well as completing the competitive electricity market.

Mr. Cao Duc Phat - Permanent Deputy Head of Central Economic Commission giving speech at working session

Reporting at the working session, Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of EVN’s Member Council said that implementing Central Resolution No. 18-NQ/TW, EVN has completed the target of fully meeting the power demand for economic-social development and people’s life.

In the period of 2007 - 2017, commercial power output increased by 3 times (from 57.62 billion kWh in 2007 to 174.65 billion kWh in 2017); the number of customers increased from 10.55 million to 25.6 million.

Particularly, the work of power supply to rural, remote, border and island areas surpassed the target set in Resolution No. 18. In the whole country by the end of 2017, 99.98% of communes, wards and towns (increasing by 1.35% compared with the end of 2010) and 99.2% of households (increasing by 1.36% compared with the end of 2010 and nearly reaching the target set by 2020 in Resolution No. 18) has been supplied power.

Some difficulties and challenges faced in the process of implementing National Energy Development Strategy of Viet Nam by 2020, vision to 2050 were also reported at this working session. Particularly, the period of 2019-2025 is projected with possibility of tension in power supply, many times of source shortage in the system, which needs to mobilize expensive oil-operated generator units to meet load needs.

Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh recommending Central Economic Commission with many contents to remove obstacles for ensuring national energy security

 Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of EVN’s Member Council recommended the Central Economic Commission to advise the Central Executive Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat Committee to continue giving priority to the execution of policies in ensuring national energy security, primary energy sources for power generation.

Additionally, Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh also recommended the National Assembly to promptly review and re-assess the law system related to investment such as Investment Law, Construction Law, Law on management and use of State capital for investment in production, business in enterprises, Law on Public Investment, etc., in order to eliminate conflicts and contradiction during the application process thereof by enterprises.

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