Serving according to customer requirements - success secret of EVNHCMC

With the viewpoint of serving customers not only by available infrastructure but also meeting their requirements, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) is the leading unit of Viet Nam Electricity in business and customer services with many practical utilities.

Quick reception, sufficient response

In order to timely understand about needs, concerns and receive requirements from power users, in 2012, EVNHCMC was the first unit of the Power sector to put the Customer Care Center into operation. With the professional model of providing services, multi-channel, professional and effective service attitude, the Customer Care Center of EVNHCMC not only quickly handles requirements of power users, but also is trusted by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and departments/boards/agencies are assigned by the committee to coordinate with the center in providing public services. Therefore, EVNHCMC’s Customer Care Center receives not only requirements about electricity services but also information on incidents of infrastructure and environment in the area. This is also the address to receive feedback from people and enterprises to the City Party Committee Secretary in the locality.

In parallel with its switchboard, EVNHCMC also interacts with customers through many channels such as: Customer care application on mobile phone, zalo, e-mail, website, etc., EVNHCMC is also a good model of EVN in providing online electricity services. Up to now, over 97% of customer requirements have been online registered and received. Additionally, 19/20 electricity services of EVNHCMC have met requirements of level-3 public services; particularly, service of online electricity bill payment has reached level 4. Thereby, it not only reduces time and cost for customers but also helps them promptly access electricity services.

Remote control center of EVNHCMC - monitoring situation of power supply in whole City area

Modernizing power grid

Not only bringing utilities to customers through services, EVNHCMC has strongly applied technologies of modernization, automation for its power grid, contributing to improving power supply reliability.

Mr. Luan Quoc Hung - Head of EVNHCMC’s Technical Department said that the corporation developed the roadmap for smart grid development in period of 2015-2020. Particularly, the Remote Control Center had been constructed and put into operation, equipped with a modern technology system. This was a head office, supervising the situation of power supply in the whole city. This system has currently performed remote control of 110kV substations and a part of the medium-voltage power grid. EVNHCMC strived to remotely control 80% of medium-voltage power grid by the end of 2018, including 20% completely automated; by 2020, 100% of the medium-voltage power grid would be remotely controlled, including 30% completely automated.

Additionally, the corporation has piloted a smart power grid in 4 areas, bringing the best benefits to its customers. Accordingly, the entire grid is equipped with modern, advanced equipment with complete automatic operation. In case of any incident, the grid will automatically process, re-establish, supply power to customers in the shortest time. EVNHCMC also has used 100% electronic meters with remote measurement, helping customers to timely grasp and update their power consumption situation in a timely manner, thereby making adjustments for the most economical and effective outcome.

Particularly, EVNHCMC is also the pioneer unit of EVN to apply line-live repair technology, which contributes to reducing outage time for customers.

With always considering itself as a customer, listening to customers’ requirements, thereby making effort to develop services, utilities to timely meet the requirements, from 2013 to now, EVNHCMC has been always the unit gaining the highest score of customer satisfaction in the group. Particularly in 2018, the satisfaction point scored by power users for EVNHCMC was 8.26/10 points, which was higher than the average point of the whole group (7.97/10 points).

According to Mr. Pham Quoc Bao, customers should be entitled to utilities from the Power sector’s innovation, because the ultimate goal of EVNHCMC’s activities is bringing practical benefits to power users such as reducing time and the number of power outages, shortening time and reducing procedures for power supply, making it convenient for the payment of electricity bills, showing respect to customers, etc.

EVNHCMC as of October 2018:

100% of customers making electricity bill payment through banks and intermediaries;

SAIDI: 132.5 minutes, decreasing by nearly 62% compared to the same period in 2017;

SAIFI: 1.7 times, decreasing by 55.92% compared to the same period of 2017, etc.

  • 19/12/2018 03:08