Kong Chro: the “last off-grid” villages being supplied power from national grid

The people’s living in remote areas and areas inhabited by ethnic minority people in Kong Chro district, Gia Lai province has been dramatically changed since power from the national grid was supplied to each household.

The happiness of accessing to power

Right after moving to the new residential places in Chu Krey, 43 families of Dao ethnic group with nearly 200 inhabitants who moved from Northern provinces to Kong Chro were paid attention by the local government and the Power sector through funding VND 566 million to install a substation with the capacity of 50kVA and 502m of low-voltage line in order to supply power to each household.

Similarly, Dak Pling, a commune with particular difficulties over past many year, has received comprehensive attention and investment by leaders at various levels, particularly in the rural transport and lighting power system for the people. After moving 60 households in Brang village of this commune to new places, early 2018, the People’s Committee of Kong Chro district arranged the capital of nearly VND 550 million to install 467m of low-voltage transmission line and a substation of 50kVA in order to supply power for domestic activities to each household. After the accomplishment of essential facilities such as clean water, transportation, power, etc., the living of people of Brang village has been stabilized.

Mr. Dinh Nhe (Brang village) said: In the new village area, people mainly live by cultivating wet rice, hybrid corn and cassava crops. Thanks to the stable power supply, the people’s living is much favorable.

Sharing the happiness with people in remote villages of the commune who have had access to the national grid for living and production activities, Mr. Dinh Ong, Chairman of Dak Pling commune People’s Committee said: Dar Pling is the most remote commune in the district. In the past, power was supplied to the commune center but not to each household. Currently, each household has been supplied with power, bringing happiness to the people. With power supplied, the thoughts and actions of ethnic minority people are going to dramatically change.

Workers of Kong Chro Power unit moving meters and repairing power in Groi village, Dak To Pang commune

Striving to supply power to 100% households

In order to meet the increasingly growing power demand of people, recently, Kong Chro Power unit under Gia Lai Power Company have invested in installing nearly 229km of medium-voltage line, 117km of 0.22-0.4kV low-voltage line and 120 distribution substations. In remote or “without-power” areas such as: Dak Pling, Dak Song, Dak Ko Ning, Chu Krey, Sro and Yang Nam, currently, power has been supplied to each household.

Thanks to the attention and investment of the district and Power sector, in 2018, the rural power grid of Kong Chro district was basically improved and the target of supplying power to 100% households in the area is mostly achieved.

Mr. Nguyen Chan Thanh, Director of Kong Chro Power unit said that: Up to now, the power from national grid has been supplied to 114 hamlets and villages in the district area with over 97% of people supplied with lighting power. The rural power grid system has been improved and basically met the technical and aesthetic requirements. The quality has been markedly improved, meeting the customers’ increasingly high demand.

Additionally, the Power unit also focuses its capital on investing in 3-phase power grid for the remaining 4 communes including: Dak Pling, Dak Song, Chu Krey and Dak Po Pho. Thanks to the attention of Gia Lai Power Company and the local government, the Power unit has coordinated in compensating and clearing ground to install a transmission line from Ia Pa district to Kong Chro district, forming a consecutive loop for stable power supply. According to the plan, in 2019, Kong Chro Power unit is going to invest VND 1.5 billion in upgrading the local power grid and striving to increase the rate of people -supplied power to over 99%.

Responding an interview, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son, the Head of Economics-Infrastructure Department of Kong Chro district said that: The power supplied from the national grid to hamlets and villages of remote areas and areas facing particular difficulties is a motivation to perform and complete the targets of reducing poverty, improving material and spiritual living, contributing to ensuring political and social security.

The power supply to hamlets and villages is a key task contributing to help the locality in achieving the power criteria under the National target program on new rural development.

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