EVNCPC catches the trend of enterprise digitization

By effectively applying information technology, EVN Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) has made rapid and strong changes in the process of digitizing the production and business activities as well as enterprise operation.

A right development

In 2018, EVNCPC made a big breakthrough in the process of digitizing business activities, becoming the first unit to complete the digitalization of customer records throughout EVN, making an important contribution to its digitalization process and improvement of customer service quality. By the right implementation and effectiveness of EVNCPC’s digitalization of records, the 4 remaining power corporations of the Group have promptly implemented the digitalization of customer records.

Regarding the parameters of distribution grid system, EVNCPC has pioneered and basically completed the customer information digitization on the platform of google maps. Accordingly, grid information, coordinates of poles, coordinates of customer meter, etc., have been digitized on the App., showing details on mobile devices, which helps EVNCPC’s staff to immediately come to the site when there is any service requirement or incidents. As such, the customer service time has been shortened.

EVNCPC’s power companies have built and effectively operated remote-control centers

At some stages, EVNCPC also initially succeeded in applying achievements of Industrial Revolution 4.0, becoming one of the first unit of EVN to apply artificial intelligence (AI), develop and put chatbot application into service at Customer Service Center; to create big data for using and effectively exploit data to serve production and business activities as well as corporate governance, etc.  

“Digital Revolution” in the whole Corporation

With the results gained by EVNCPC, Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh asked: “The Corporation needs to become the first digital enterprise of EVN. 

EVNCPC has set a target to digitalize 100% electronic business process in 2019, promoting QR barcode application in business and customer service, etc. Especially, EVNCPC’s digitalization process will be associated with network security solutions, information privacy, improving the protection of the system.  

The Corporation has worked out a plan to replicate the operating system and customer service to power companies, thereby replacing the current business reporting system with a single electronic portal. This is the application system of Business Intelligence technology (BI), with strong advantages in analyzing reports, forecasting trends through exploiting and analyzing multi-dimensional data from many sources, many systems, in line with the trend of Bigdata in Industrial Revolution 4.0  

In 2018, in EVNCPC:

- 100% of power companies completed the development of remote-control centers and unmanned transformer stations, operated through SCADA system.   .
- Electronic meters account for 75% of the total meters on the grid, equipped with RF-Spider remote data collection system, recording the readings via a transmission network.

  • 17/05/2019 03:59
  • evn.com.vn