EVNHCMC shortening time for handling electrical incidents to under 75 minutes

It is one of the measures taken by Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) in order to minimize the interruption time of power supply for customers due to incidents during the peak period of dry season in 2019. Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh - EVNHCMC’s Deputy General Director had a brief interview with evn.com.vn about the preparation for power supply guarantee.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh - EVNHCMC’s Deputy General Director

Reporter: Ho Chi Minh City has entered the peak period of dry season, is there a big change in power consumption, Sir?

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh: From the beginning of March up to now, Southern provinces and cities in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular have faced prolonged hot weather; with temperatures up to over 37 degrees Celsius at many times.

Hot weather is the reason of high demand for cooling equipment, leading to a strong increase in power output consumed. By the end of March 2019, the City’s total consumed power output has gradually increased from 71 million kWh/day to over 80 million kWh/day, particularly, on 19th March 2019, the highest output at about 81.3 million kWh/day was recorded.

In 2019, the power load in HCM City is forecasted to continue gaining a growth compared to that of 2018. Particularly, the commercial power output is estimated at 26.8 billion kWh, increasing by about 6.41% compared to that of 2018; the maximum capacity is estimated at 4,408 MW, increasing by 6.57% compared to 2018’s.

 From now to June 2019, hot weather still continues for days with temperature forecasted to continue rising, causing much tension on the management and operation of the power grid.

Reporter: What solutions have EVNHCMC prepared to ensure power supply for customers, Sir?

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh: We prepared a plan right from the end of 2018 to ensure a safe and reliable power supply in order to meet the demand on the city’s production, business development and living, services in the dry season of 2019.

Particularly, the Corporation has invested in developing and consolidating the power grid structure; promoted automation in management and operation of power grid through Remote Control Center.

 Currently, the Corporation has a total of 16 live-line repair teams, thereby strengthening the repair work without power outage. This is a crucial solution to further improve the reliability of power supply, reduce the duration of power-cut for customers.

In 2019, EVNHCMC implements the program of Demand Response (DR), mobilizing customers to reduce their demand in peak periods in order to reduce tension on the power system.

With the current structure, the back-up of Ho Chi Minh City’s power grid system has been good, being ready to supply adequate power for loads in the City in the dry season of 2019.

 Reporter: Does the Corporation anticipate any extreme situation due to prolonged hot weather?

 Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh: We have developed scenarios for operating and distributing power in case of extreme conditions, for example, a shortage from 1% to 15% of power output and capacity in the system. Particularly, the Corporation will give priority to ensure power supply for important loads as well as strengthen mobilizing generators of power units and customers, etc.

With the applied automation technology, in case of any incident causing interrupted power supply to customers, the Remote Control Center will immediately detect and re-establish power supply for areas not directly affected in less than 5 minutes.

Power companies directly under EVNHCMC are always ready for manpower and facilities; adequate provision of materials and equipment, striving to handle any incident in no more than 75 minutes (the Group’s regulation is no more than 2 hours), in order to minimize the duration of power outage for customers.

EVNHCMC also calls on people and enterprises in the area to economically and effectively use power; study to install rooftop solar power system to reduce tension on power system as well as electricity bill payment for households.

Reporter: Thank you so much.

  • 01/04/2019 05:52
  • evn.com.vn