EVNHCMC wins international award "Smart Grid Project of the Year"

On November 14, the Enlit Asia 2023 Conference was opened in Indonesia with the participation of more than 400 businesses operating in the energy sector around the world. At the conference, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) was honored to receive the international award "Smart Grid Project of the Year".

EVNHCMC Deputy General Director Luan Quoc Hung (left) represents EVNHCMC to receive award of "Smart Grid Project of the Year"

With outstanding achievements in smart grid development and innovation, EVNHCMC's "Distribution Grid Automation" project and two other projects of TNB Malaysia Group entered the finals of the category "Award of Smart Grid Project of the Year" of this event. In the end, EVNHCMC excellently ranked first and became the first unit of Vietnam's electricity industry to surpass large corporations in the region, winning the First Prize in the field of smart grid development.

This proud achievement is thanks to EVNHCMC's tireless efforts over the past 10 years in modernizing and developing smart power grids in the city. As of August 2023, EVNHCMC has become the first unit in Vietnam to have a modern medium voltage power grid with over 860 lines operating fully automatically (100%). The system is also fully equipped with security technology. Information security monitoring of the system is performed at the Security Operation Center (SOC) located at EVNHCMC's Data Center. All stages including system design, procurement, installation, configuration, programming, and equipment testing, are performed entirely based on EVNHCMC's internal resources.

According to the 2022 Smart Grid Index (SGI) evaluation table conducted by Singapore Power Group, EVNHCMC has achieved 71.4/100 points, ranked 47/94 Power Companies in the world. In which, the field of power grid monitoring and controlling the (Monitoring and Control) achieved the maximum score (4/4 points). This has helped indicators of power supply security such as the SAIFI decrease from 6.72 times to 0.47 times and the SAIDI index decrease from 720 minutes to 35 minutes.

In the coming time, EVNHCMC is to continue to focus on upgrading digital transformation to level 4/5 according to the assessment of the Ministry of Information and Communications, and at the same time develop a smart power grid in-depth, worthy of being the leading position of Vietnam's Electricity industry in the application of science, technology, and innovation.

Enlit Asia International Conference is the unified brand of the Asian Power Generation Industry Exhibition (PowerGen Asia) and the Asian Utility Week (Asian Utility Week), which was implemented in 2014. This is a program with the largest scale and importance in the region, where energy corporations and large solution providers such as ABB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, TNB of Malaysia, SPGroup of Singapore, PLN of Indonesia, MEA of Thailand, and so on.

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