EVNNPC: Meeting the strict requirements of its industrial customers

In the recent years, the growth rate of power load demand from the construction and industry sectors has been always the highest one in the country. What has Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) been performing to meet the requirements of its industrial customers?

Taking a shortcut

In the recent years, the sectors of industrial production and construction have achieved great changes thanks to the mechanism and policies on attracting investment, creating many favourable conditions for industrial and construction enterprises in some provinces/cities such as Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Thai Nguyen, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, etc. This leads to accelerating increases in the power demand.

Typically, in 2017, the power output of the industry-construction sector in the localities of 27 Northern provinces/cities accounted for 64.13% the total output of commercial power generated by the Corporation, increasing by 14.7% in comparison with that of 2016. For the 7 first months of 2018 alone, this load accounted for 64.3%, increasing by 15.13% compared to that in the same period of 2017.

Thang Long II Industrial Zone, Yen My, Hung Yen

The Corporation has been continuously investing, expanding its scale and enhancing the power grid capacity; at the same time launching comprehensive solutions for safe operations as well as stable, prompt and uninterrupted power supply with an increasingly better quality, creating the most favourable conditions for enterprises to operate with confidence.

The Corporation and its units have closely associated with localities to review the power planning in the provinces, considering investment projects and anticipating power load demands, etc. Accordingly, plans for investing in and upgrading its power grid are prepared, promptly meeting the requirements of power customers. For each project, the Corporation organizes direct meetings with the localities and investors, together discussing and agreeing to implementation options. The corporation also proactively arranges capital, rationalizes the procedures for investment preparation, improves the quality of construction supervision and work acceptance, promptly and duly meets the power demand subject to the customers’ requirements.

Proactively approaching customers

EVNNPC is proactive in providing service packages, serving its customers upon demand.

One of the most prominent customer services provided by EVNNPC is launching the “one-stop shop” mechanism for new power supply requirements. Thereby, the power suppliers shall be responsible for the whole transaction process, from the beginning to the final outcome. Especially, from the first demand reception, the power companies under EVNNPC have launched many “channels” to make the approach easy for their customers such as via Public administration centers in localities, Customers Care Center of the Corporation or internet, etc.

The Corporation also simplifies the procedure and shortens the time duration for power supply to its clue customers connected to the medium-voltage grid into 4 procedures and 7 days in compliance with the Group’s regulation; promoting technology and science’s applications, widely applying software to manage customers in the units, supporting them to strictly manage the entire procedure for power supply and help the customers follow up information on implementation progress via a customer care website.

EVNNPC also conducts industrial customer segmentation to offer the most practical services to each specific form of business.

Especially, the requirements or feedbacks of customers, in general and enterprises operating in industry-construction, in particular, are received at any time (24/24 hour amanner) by EVNNPC via the Customer care center with various channels of communication: hotline, e-mail, messages, zalo, etc. Thus, the quickest solutions for handling will be worked out to prevent adverse effects on the production and business of enterprises.

Mr. Park Eun Joo - General Manager of Safety, Environment, and Infrastructure of the Samsung Vietnam complex: Samsung Vietnam Complex was first established in Yen Phong Industrial Zone (Bac Ninh) in 2008. Up to now, Samsung Vietnam has built more plants in Thai Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City as well as a Research and Development Center in Hanoi. In 2017 alone, the exporting business surpassed its target of USD 50 billion. To achieve such growth rate, besides advanced techniques and technologies, Samsung Vietnam complex has gained the active support from Vietnam’s Power sector for stable power supply – the most significant factor for production activities.

Mr. Bui Ngoc Long – Deputy General Director of Tra Ly Spinning Joint Stock Company: Tra Ly Spinning Joint Stock Company owns 3 spinning plants and 1 twisting plant in Thai Binh province, consuming an amount of power  at about 27 million kWh/year. Currently, the Company has been investing in another spinning plant in Hung Yen province. For the past years, we have always highly appreciated the high sense of working, responsibility and professional performance and best efforts for customers exercised by EVNNPC generally and Thai Binh Power Corporation particularly in supplying adequate power as well as supporting, repairing, maintaining, solving electrical problems, etc. Upon any power incidents, the power workers would be present at site promptly in spite of hot weather, heavy rains or even storms.

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