Experience in leadership development shared by between GE and EVN

On 12/6/2018, General Electric (GE - the United State) in combination with Electricity Vietnam (EVN) organized the Leadership Development Workshop in Hanoi.

GE’s HR Director in Vietnam - Mrs.Nguyen Tue Khanh – and Asia-Pacific customer training Director – Mr. Dimitri Leimotis attended the event.

For the EVN side, there was the presence by Mr. Duong Quang Thanh – EVN Chairman of BOD; Members of BOD; Deputy General Directors; Party Committee standing members; Labor Union Chairman and the leaders of the group’s affiliated units.

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - EVN BOD Chairman stating at the Workshop

According to Mr. Duong Quang Thanh, the Group has been facing many considerable challenges to ensure power supply for the country’s socio-economic development with the growth rate of over 10%/year. Moreover, together with the requirements set out in the context of 4.0 industrial revolution, EVN and its units’ leadership shall enhance their qualification and approach the world’s advanced management methods as well.

Through this Workshop, EVN demands the crucial executives of the Group and its units to strengthen their management competence by referring to and studying about innovative management models throughout the world, including GE’s and then apply such models to the reality.

A lot of useful knowledge from GE shared among EVN and its units’ key executives

The workshop is one of the contents in the cooperation framework between EVN and GE. GE experts shared and discussed about the major challenges facing EVN leadership development; shared their experience in policies on leadership development, personnel planning as well as developing talents and corporate culture.

Today, EVN is the Second Economic group in Vietnam. GE is known as a worldwide multi-disciplinary  Group with over 300,000 employees, presenting in over 170 countries over the world. In 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed by these two groups.


  • 12/06/2018 10:13
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