National target program on building new rural areas: 'Electricity is one step ahead' to make a drastic change

After more than 10 years of implementing the National Target Program on building new rural areas, up to now, 90.1% of communes have met criterion 4 on electricity, an increase of 46.44% compared to that of 2010 when the program implementation was started. With the efforts by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), a stable power source has really created the impetus for drastic changes in rural Vietnam.

Joyfulness in villages and hamlets

"Electricity, roads, schools, stations" are essential infrastructure systems, serving people's lives. During the journey together with the whole country to join hands to build new rural areas, Vietnam Electricity has always identified this as one of the important political tasks, making effective contributions to the Strategy of industrialization and modernization in agriculture and rural areas. In fact, from 2010 to now, the growth in power supply for agriculture, forestry and fishery has increased by an average rate of 22% per year. 

At the Conference to summarize the target program of power supply in rural, mountainous and island areas for the period 2016-2020, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Dang Hoang An affirmed that "electricity is one step ahead" has created a motivation for hunger eradication, poverty elimination and contributed to the sustainable development of rural, mountainous and island areas; contributed to helping people change the structure of crops, change the scale and practices of farming, increase the productivity in cultivation and processing of agro-forestry products, and raise the income for rural people. 

EVN was honored to receive the First-class Labour Medal for its outstanding contributions to the implementation of the emulation movement "The whole country joins forces to build new rural areas" in the period 2011-2020.

How does EVN "get in"?In island communes and island districts, EVN has ensured a stable and continuous power supply so that fishermen can safely work in the sea and develop the sea and island economy, contributing to protecting political security and national sovereignty. Not only supplying sufficient power, but EVN has also brought level 4 online customer service to all people across the country, as well as rural people. Electricity quality and electricity services have been increasingly improved; thereby, contributing to the realization of social justice and security.

To be able to ensure a stable, continuous, sufficient and timely power sources in line with the requirements of Criterion 4 in the National Target Program on building new rural areas, EVN had to overcome many difficulties and challenges. EVN has made efforts to seek, access and use various capital sources (ODA loans, state budget capital, commercial loans, EVN's own capital, etc.) to promote new construction investment and renovate the power system in rural areas; bring electricity to off-grid communes and households, areas where ethnic minorities are concentrated in remote, isolated and island areas.

Every year, EVN arranges investment plans for construction and renovation of the power grid and major repairs and regular repairs to the power grid, in combination with loans and state budget funds allocated to complete the power grids at various locations, communes and districts in the program's construction plan to meet new rural standards.

Along with that, EVN has coordinated to mobilize people to actively participate in the implementation of Criterion No. 4 in building the new rural areas in terms of electricity by specific tasks such as contributing to compensation, self-clearance of the site when investing in the development of electrical works, participate in the protection of power grid corridors and electrical works; Investing in household electrical systems to ensure safe and efficient use of electricity.

Electricity "one step ahead" in new rural construction

On the journey of "Lighting up the country at the beginning of the wave", EVN has received the power grid, invested in infrastructure, managed and sold electric power directly in 11/12 island districts. Since then, every year, EVN has compensated for losses of nearly VND 200 billion for island districts and communes by using on-site Diesel power sources because the cost of power production is much higher than the selling price of electricity sold to households. From 2008 to the end of 2020, EVN has implemented a program to receive rural low-voltage grids for more than 6, 000 communes. Due to the characteristics of the rural low-voltage grids, which did not meet the technical requirements, was seriously degraded, and did not guarantee the quality of power supply, after receiving it, EVN had to arrange an average investment in each commune at VND 5-10 billion to renovate and upgrade the power grid.

In the coming time, EVN will continue to renovate, upgrade and expand the rural power grid system, maintaining Criterion No. 4 of the completed communes. Together with ministries, departments, branches and localities, EVN will make every effort to implement the emulation movement "Industry and Trade Sector joins forces to build new rural areas", striving that by the end of 2021, the whole country will have 92.5% of communes meet Criterion No. 4, an increase of 4% compared to that at the beginning of 2021.

Up to now, there are 32 provinces and Central cities, 100% of communes meet Criterion No. 4 on electricity in the National Target Program on building new rural areas.

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