PECC 1 provide engineering consulting services for designing headworks of a hydropower project with the highest dam in Nepal

On September 20, Power EngineeringConsulting Joint Stock Company 1 (PECC 1) signed an engineering consulting service contract for designing work package 1 – Headworks of Tanahu Hydropower Project (Nepal) with Song Da - Kalika (Nepal) Joint Venture. The contract signing ceremony was held online.

Attending the signing ceremony, on PECC 1 side, there was Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh - General Director of the company, from Song Da - Kalika Joint Venture, there was Mr. Padam Gurung - Sales Director of Kalika and Mr. Nguyen Van Thu - Deputy General Director of Song Da Corporation.

Tanahu hydropower project is built to meet the electricity demand in Nepal, especially during the dry winter months. This hydropower plant will also run as a frequency regulation plant for the rest of the year. The project aims to reduce fossil fuel-based power generation while stabilizing Nepal's electricity supply system and improving transmission losses.


PECC1’s General Director Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh and Kalika's representative signed the contract

Regarding package 1 of the project, PECC 1’s scope of works includes the following main tasks: Updating and evaluating hydrometeorological, engineering geological conditions of pressure line items; Developing technical designs and construction drawings for pressure line items, including 140m high gravity concrete dam, spillway; Designing surge tanks and auxiliary concrete dams in the downstream; Designing six injection drilling corridors in the dam (total length of about 1,350m) and auxiliary tunnels to access the drilling corridors as well as to the upstream spur dike (total length of about 1,020m).

This tallest dam in Nepal up to the present time has received great attention from the state and the people of Nepal. The project has complex geological and topographic characteristics with a narrow river bed, 30m thick Alluvium mantle, the maximum considered earthquake (MCE) with peak ground acceleration up to 0.39g, equivalent to earthquakes of magnitude 9, in addition, being analyzed and verified with the largest ground acceleration up to 0.7g (equivalent to earthquakes of magnitude 10). Besides, the project implementation schedule is quite urgent, which is a big challenge for PECC 1’s engineers in the design work. Along with that, the project is subject to the due diligence of lenders performed by international consultants and strict requirements on bidders' experiences.

With the experience and quality of consulting services successfully proven in many power plant projects, PECC 1 is confident that the project will be completed on schedule with the best quality and safety standards. The fact that PECC 1 keeps on being trusted by investors has increasingly confirmed the company's growth in access to the market, building the company’s prestige and position in the eyes of domestic and foreign partners.


The location where Tanahu hydropower project will be built

Speaking at the ceremony, PECC1’s General Director – Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh said: “PECC 1 will arrange the best-qualified personnel to participate in the project. We believe that with the in-depth experience of leading experts, advanced technical facilities and high-end equipment, PECC 1 will provide the most effective technical solution and ensure the project implementation schedule."

According to the plan, Tanahu hydropower project will start construction in 2021 and complete in early 2025.

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