Promotion of science and technology application towards faultless electricity services

Since Vietnam Electricity was transformed from an exclusive utility to a service provider, business and customer service activities have been attached the highest importance. One of the solutions that have been paid special attention by EVN is promotion of science and technology application in order to diversify and improve the service quality, with the aim of facilitating electrical consumers in the best manner, etc.

With a view to satisfying the increasing requirements of electricity customers, in 2017, power corporations have enhanced their applications of information technology in business and customer service activities, in order to best facilitate electricity consumers, including provision of online, electronized services, handling customers’ requests in line with the “one door” mechanism, etc.

In 2017, receipt of new electricity delivery requests of customers have been conducted online by EVNHANOI via various channels such as: website of the Corporation, website of Customer Care Center, customer care application on smartphone, calls to customer care hotline, etc. With electronic electricity delivery services, all the steps have been processed online, for examples managers approve by electronic signatures, which both saves time and accelerates the progress of electricity delivery to customers.  

In Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation, all the business activities are customer - oriented with the “two easy” motto: easy to remember and easy to implement. Accordingly, all the transactions with customers (from receipt of applications, response, contract conclusion, commissioning, power purchase agreement conclusion, etc.) are executed in accordance with the “one door” mechanism via Customer Transaction Teams. In addition, EVNHCMC has been generalizing bar code application and document digitalization in managing and storing customer records.


EVN promotes information technology application in business and customer service activities

Development of smart grids, promotion of science and technology application in electric power business areas have been vigorously carried out by power corporations, for examples live line working (working on energized power lines) for  electricity connections, live line insulator washing without interruption of electrical services, in order to enhance the reliability of power supply, etc.

Simultaneously, adoption of new technologies in remote collection of metering data helps improve labor productivity in meter reading, as well as facilitate customers’ monitoring of their electricity consumption status.

“Up to June 2017, EVNHCMC has completed installation of remote meter reading systems for 100% of the points of measurement and synchronization of data of all these points; performing remote meter reading systems for 98.01% of big customers”.

In addition, power corporations have applied GIS integrated mobile devices in survey activities for electricity delivery and meter relocation, which help fasten survey activities; in parallel, surveyors can comprehensively observe the power grid in their service areas without any troubles and easily update meter installation locations as well as the wiring map.

Via application of facilities of remote meter reading system and multimedia applications, customers can monitor themselves their own power consumption status, thus improve their electrical safety and efficiency, energy conservation, or they can search information of their power consumptions when necessary, etc.

With the Program “Manager”, EVNSPC has taken the initiative in delivering services to 100% of the customers who own substations for their private purposes, these customers will be provided with information of their power consumption status (with consumption efficiency analysis) via their emails, etc. for reference, based on which customers can adjust and accommodate their production and business plans in the most effective and economical manner.

To further facilitate customers, power corporations have been reforming meter reading and bill collecting procedures which are expected to be done via intermediate payment organizations and adoption of IT integrated equipment, which enable customers to be easily engaged in online payment applications, easily monitor electricity consumption data and bill payment status, etc.

  • 19/06/2017 09:08