Reducing the annual system average interruption duration from 1,265 minutes to 400 minutes

That is a challenging target  set by the Central Power Corporation for the year 2020.

Looking straight at the situation

At the end of 2017, the system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) of the Corporation was 1,265 minutes. With the aim of securing stable and uninterrupted electricity supply to customers, EVNCPC has set a target that by the year 2020 this figure will be only 400 minutes.

EVNCPC has assessed the power supply situation to work out specific solutions. In 2017, approximately 90% of EVNCPC's power supply interruptions were due to maintenance works and other planned works on power grids, only 10% were caused by grid failures. Therefore, EVNCPC has optimized its schedule of maintaining and working on grids, concentrating all resources on minimizing the power supply disruption duration.

According to leaders of EVNCPC, in fact, the service area of the Corporation stretches over many complicated terrains in 13 provinces in the Central region - Central Highlands. The power grids have been invested at various levels in various times. Therefore, EVNCPC has classified the power grids according to geographical areas: downtown areas, urban areas, towns, rural and mountainous areas, etc., based on that SAIDI targets have been set in accordance with actual situations of each power company.

As for big cities such as Da Nang city, EVNCPC sets a target of SAIDI in 2020 at a maximum of 100 minutes. At the same time, Da Nang is considered as an implementation model, which will be universalized in other areas. In mountainous, remote and isolated areas, EVNCPC requires local utilities to strive for SAIDI of 700 minutes.

Modern technologies enhance the reliability of power supply

Effective ways

13 power companies and member units of EVNCPC are determined to "race" to SAIDI 400 destination in the next two years. According to Mr. Vu Van Nghiem - Deputy Director of Quang Nam Power Company (PC Quang Nam), in the implementation of grid work reform under a general strategy of EVNCPC, since August 2017 the company has put into application insulator washing technology with high pressure water, live-line working and maintenance.

As of April 2018, the live-line working team of the Company had performed 78 live-line works on grids, reducing the average power interruption duration by 196.5 minutes. At the same time, the Company did insulator washing by high pressure water without disrupting electricity at distribution substations and power poles, contributing to the declination of grid failures, and increase of power sales to customers.

Not only Quang Nam PC, until the second quarter of 2018, all 13/13 power companies of EVNCPC have applied these live-line working technologies. In Da Nang Power Company (PC Da Nang), the leading company in terms of electricity supply quality in the Central Power Corporation, Mr. Ngo Tan Cu - Chairman cum Director of the Company said, to improve the power supply reliability requires synchronous solutions in all areas such as production, management, investment, technical operation, etc. In particular, the Company has identified the application of science and technology as a lever to improve the quality of electricity supply to customers.

PC Da Nang has completed construction of 100% unmanned 100 kV substations and Remote Control Centers in the first quarter of 2018, ahead of the 2 year plan. As a result, the grid is operating safely and reliably, operators can easily operate equipment and systems, timely zoning and dealing with incidents, as well as recovering power supply at the earliest, reducing interruption durations.

The Company also successfully pioneers the deployment of distribution automation system (DAS). Initially, the trial DAS project in Ngu Hanh Son district helped lowering SAIDI by 5.73 minutes, reducing SAIFI by 0.286 times. This was the basis for PC Da Nang to continue expanding the project in the city.

In addition to high technology solutions, EVNCPC's power companies have performed grid investment projects, technical management, troubleshooting, and strict control of grid maintenance schedules by weeks, months, years, etc. With a high determination, a clear strategy and efficient ways, EVNCPC’s power companies are on the right track to improve the reliability of power supply and secure power supply with increasing quality in 13 provinces in the Central region – Central Highlands.



SAIDI in 2020

a. Centers of Da Nang, Hoi An and Nha Trang cities

< 100 minutes

b. Centers of big cities: Hue, Tam Ky, Quy Nhon, Pleiku, Buon Me Thuot and big industrial zones

< 150 minutes

c. Centers of cities, big towns and districts (except for cities included in items a and b above)

< 200 minutes

d. Other areas

< 700 minutes


  • 03/07/2018 09:47