The Investment Management Information System software developed by EVN was awarded Sao Khue 2018 prize

The Award Ceremony of Sao Khue 2018 took place on April 21, 2018 in Hanoi. The Investment Management Information System (IMIS) of Information and Communications Technology Company (EVNICT) under Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has been voted by Vietnam Software and IT Service Association (VINASA) as a typical product of the software and IT service industry of Vietnam and has been awarded Sao Khue 2018 prize.

The Investment Management Information System is an integrated information management system which has been developed under EVN’s instructions on objectives, design concepts, based on advanced technology platforms, and will be uniformly applied all over EVN’s member organizations.

The objectives of the software are to modernize the management and improve the operation efficiency through the use of information technology, in parallel enhancing the project management capacity and quality of construction investment projects. The software provides functions, tools for managing, tracking and handling project tasks in a comprehensive way throughout the life cycle of the project from investment preparation, investment execution and completion.

Mr. Le Quoc Anh - Project Manager, representing the  Information and Communications Technology Company received Sao Khue Award 2018 - Photo source: DVCC

EVNICT has been empowered by the EVN to design software which can meet requirements of construction investment management of the State, as well as reflecting practical experiences in investment construction management of of power plants, power grids accumulated by domestic and international construction contractors, with the aim of improving the usability and efficiency of the software for its users.

In addition, the system allows connection and integration with EVN's E-Office software, EVN's Bidding Website to integrate data related to bidding, documents and records respective in the process of project investment and construction.

By the end of April 2018, the product has been applied in 209 member units, including 25 member units of level 2, corporations, and 183 member units of level 3.

Apart from Sao Khue Cup, EVNICT is honored to be selected by VINASA to be one of 15 prominent businesses out of 73 businesses being awarded medals from VINASA.

Sao Khue is the most trustworthy and prestigious professional assessment of Vietnam’s software and IT service industry.

EVNICT’s products that have been granted Sao Khue award:

  • 2018: Investment Management Information System
  • 2015: Power Plant Technical Management  System
  • 2014: Electronic Invoice Management System; Power Grid Technical Management System.
  • 2008: Electricity Market Information System
  • 2007: Public Telecommunication Charge Calculation Software
  • 2006: Customer Management Information System.


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