The fourth week of July 2017 witnessed an increase of 8.34% in the electricity market price

During the last weeks, the electricity market price has kept rising constantly since supplies from coal fired thermal power plants have been maintained at high prices in order to secure a safe power system operation. In the fourth week of July alone (July 24 – July 30), the electricity market price grew up by 8.34% from that in the third week of July (July 17 – July 23).

In details, the average electricity purchasing price from power plants at transaction times was VND 1,337 per kWh (not including losses of the power system).

Transmission charge calculated according to power sales was VND 104 per kWh; distribution and retail charge according to power sales was VND 292.11 per kWh; overhead and auxiliary costs as per power sales was VND 7.32 per kWh.

Also in the fourth week of July, the electricity generation output of the power system reached 3.99 billion kWh, electrical load of the whole country declined because the weather got cooler and a lot of rains occurred in the North and the South. Just the peak load in the North experienced an increase over the third week of July due to hot weather occurring at weekends; the peak capacity in the North amounted to 12,846 MW, climbing up by 8.61% against the third week of July 2017.

The power system operated stably without any interruptions due to shortages of generation sources. Electricity transmission from the North to the Centre and then to the South were maintained satisfactorily.

  • 08/08/2017 03:39