The production and business situation in May 2019 and the objectives and tasks of June 2019

In May 2019, the national power system is in stable operating condition, ensuring safe, reliable power supply, fully meeting the power demand for political-social activities, production and business and people’s daily living activities.

The total produced and imported power  output in the whole system in May 2019 reached 21.25 billion kWh (average 685.5 million kWh/day), the largest daily output was 759.2 million kWh (May 18, 2019) and the largest capacity of the system reached 36,945MW. Power output of the whole system accumulated for 5 months reached 95.61 billion kWh, increasing by 10.32% in comparison with that of 2018. The commercial power output of EVN in May 2019 was estimated at 17.52 billion kWh; And it was estimated at 81.66 billion kWh in accumulated 5 months, which increased by 9.77% compared with the same period of 2018, of which domestic commercial power output increases by 9.63%.

In May 2019, the transmission trend is still from the North and the Central to the South with the transmission power output estimated at 17.87 billion kWh. The highest transmission capacity on the North-Central 500kV lines is 2,060MW and the Central-South is 3,330MW. Power transmission to the South is 34.4 million kWh/day (equivalent to 12% of Southern power demand).

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In May 2019, hydropower plants are  exploited in line with the water level, ensuring the demand for downstream water supply; coal-fired and gas-turbine thermal power plants are highly mobilized, including thermal oil (FO, DO) plants providing about 160 million kWh to meet the power demand in the South. Power loss of the Group in the first 5 months of 2019 was 6.61% which is 0.09% lower than the 2019 target (6.7%).

Regarding renewable energy: By May 31st 2019, there are 50 solar power plants put into operation with a total installed capacity of 2,481.4MW with the power output produced in May of 185.33 million kWh; 7 wind power plants have been put into operation with a total installed capacity of 331MW and the power output generated by wind power plants in May is 14.5 million kWh.

Regarding construction investment, EVN and its units have commenced 11 projects; completed construction and put into operation 17 110 - 500kV power grid projects in May 2019. In the first 5 months of 2019, 52 works have been commenced; 50 110 - 500kV power grid projects have been completed and put into operation.

Some tasks of EVN in June 2019

According to the National Centre for Hydro - Meteorological Forecasting, in June 2019, in the Northern and Central Provinces, there are likely to be 2-3 heat waves on a large scale, the Northwest and some mountainous areas of Central province will undergo an extreme hot weather condition.

It is judged that June 2019 will be the peak of the dry season and hot weather, EVN expects the average electricity output of the whole system in June 2019 to be 701 million kWh/day; the largest load capacity is about 39,040MW. The objective is to ensure safe and reliable operation of the transmission grid, especially the 500kV North-South system in high transmission conditions for the South. It is planned to continue mobilizing coal, gas turbine thermal power sources, simultaneously; exploiting hydroelectric reservoirs according to water levels, ensuring sufficient water supply for downstream areas and localities. The thermoelectric generating units need to be fully prepared with fuel (coal, oil, etc.), materials, equipment, and manpower need to be ready to meet the mobilization requirements of the National Load Dispatch Centre.

It is expected that more than 30 solar power plants will be put into operation in June 2019 (increasing the total figure up to about more than 80 plants), the National Load Dispatch Center has prepared the plans for connection work and testing solar power plants; prepare separate reserve sources for the Central and the South regions subject to the capacity of renewable energy projects, with appropriate operation modes for 500kV lines, monitoring the power quality, etc., ensuring safe operation of power systems.

In terms of construction investment: It is expected to continue focusing on construction, stick closely on the targets on progress in 2019 as planned, especially key power grid projects and the works ensuring sufficient power supply in the dry season of 2019, etc.

June 2019 is also the time of hot weather on a large scale and the 2019 National High-School graduation examination takes place, Power Corporations/Power Companies fully prepared manpower, facilities and enhance the presence in 24/7 mode to promptly response, deal with partial overload situations, timely handle incidents, continue to make efforts to ensure power supply for customers. In addition, units throughout the Group pro-actively implemented disaster preparation and prevention and search and rescue activities, flood and storm prevention and control plans are available, ensure safety of dams and hydropower projects.

Currently, EVN is urgently designing a number of new electricity bill forms which are more intuitive, simpler and include a graph and chart showing the monthly power consumption so as for customers to easily make comparison; The Group will raise this idea and gather feedback and votes in June and July 2019.

In order to reduce the difficulties in power supply, reduce the pressure on the  operation of power systems, minimize the risk of partial overload of the power grid, especially during hot weather with the temperature is 36 degrees Celsius and above, power companies non-stop supplying power for repair work, Electricity of Vietnam would like to get the joint sharing, understanding of customers, local authorities and people and recommend customers to use electric power in an economical and efficient manner with many measures such as: Turning off electrical equipment when there is no need of using, adjust the air-conditioning temperature at 26 degrees Celsius or more, paying attention to not letting the street lights and public lights on during daytime


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