The synchronization of the unit No 2 of the Huoi Quang Hydropower Plant Project

At 23.37 on June 19, 2016, the unit No 2 of 260 MW of the Huoi Quang hydropower plant project successfully synchronized for the first time with the national grid.

The project is owned invested by the Vietnam Electricity. It was built on the Nam Mu river.The penstock and the reservoirare located in the Than Uyen district, Lai Chau province. The power house is located in Muong La district,  Son La province. The power plant consists of  2 generating units with total installed capacity of  520 MW (2x260). This is the first underground hydropower plant designed and constructed by Vietnamese companies  with two underground tunnels going through the bowels of the mountain. Each tunnel is  4, 2 km long and has a diameter of 7, 5 m. The generator is placed underground in the mountains. And it is also one of the large hydropower projects of the cascade of the Da river after the Son La hydropower plant (2,400 MW), Hoa Binh hydropower plant (1,920 MW) and Lai Chau hydropower plant (1,200 MW).


 The main parameters of the hydropower project: Overall capacity of the reservoir is 184.2 million m3; the crest of the gravity concrete dam is 104m in height; the surface spillway includes 6 radial gates; the hydropower plant consists of two generating units of 2x260MW, the average energy for many years (Eo) is 1.904 billion kWh.

The generating unit No 2 of the Huội Quang hydroelectric plant synchronizing with  the national grid at this time marks a  milestone in the progress   achieved  by the project. The whole project will be completed in 2016 as originally approved. 


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