Tra Vinh: Con Phung “Oasis” supplied power from national grid

On 29 November 2018, Tra Vinh Power Company organized energizing power and putting the Con Phung power supply work, in Long Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, into operation, supplying power to about 190 households.

Con Phung is one of 10 hamlets in Long Hoa commune, located along the Co Chien river branch. This place is often referred to as an “oasis” due to its topography separated from the mainland. Previously, people’s life was very difficult because they were not supplied power; generators did not meet their needs, especially for aquaculture.

Workers of Chau Thanh Power Unit installing meters for households in Con Phung hamlet.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung - one of the well-off households in Con Phung said that his family invested a generator to serve aquaculture activities. In spite of owning 3 hectares of water surface and farming shrimps for many years, over the past few decades, his family has not possibly become rich because of too high input costs (fuel of oil). Currently, when the hamlet has been supplied power, his family could monthly save about 40% of the cost compared to using oil, equivalent to about VND 300 million/year.

Not hiding his happiness, Mr. Duong Van Diep shared that, for many years living under “floating” circumstances in this “oasis”, the lives of people here could not get out of poverty, without power supplied, they had no conditions to expand production. Currently, with power from the national grid, people were very happy because they gained more opportunities to expand production, develop economy and get out of poverty.

Power grid stretched across fields of Con Phung hamlet.

Although grid power has just been supplied, it has totally changed the mindset of people. Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh - Head of the People’s Committee of Con Phung hamlet said that though there was up to 300 ha of agricultural land, people’s life in this “oasis” had faced many difficulties. As soon as the power from the national grid supplied, over 95% of households expressed their desire to shift into industrial shrimp farming, hoping that power would help people of the “oasis” comprehensively change themselves, getting rich on this land.

Mr. Huynh Chi Hai - Deputy Director of Tra Vinh Power Company said that before energizing power, the Power sector had conducted propaganda on safe use of power, advised people not to climb on, throw strange objects to the transmission line in order to ensure the safe operation of power grid.

At the first day of power energization, all the roads in Con Phung are filled up with talk and laughter. Children as well as adults stand in queues together with electricians installing power into their houses.

Grid power has contributed to promoting economic development, awakening the potential of aquaculture, helping the “oasis” to change day by day, etc.

Con Phung power supply work:

Total investment: Over VND 14.6 billion.


- Constructing 22kV 3-phase medium-voltage transmission line in the air with a length of 6.346km;

- Underground 22kV 3-phase  medium-voltage  transmission line (river crossing) in length of 0.487km;

- 3-phase low-voltage transmission line in the air with length of 14.368km;

- Constructing 7 substations of 1,050kVA.

  • 30/11/2018 04:31