Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited: Many activities performed towards people in flooded area

The prolonged heavy rains  in late August, 2018, made the Ma River’s water level rise, causing flooding in a large area from Muong Lat to downstream districts. Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited carried out many activities to share difficulties with people in the flooded area.

In Quan Hoa District, the historical heavy rain caused landslides, floods and collapses of houses, schools and other properties, crippled communication and grid systems, separated transport system. Trung Son Commune alone has been isolated since 30/8/2018 evening.

Immediately after the incidents occurred, the Company has coordinated with Trung Son Commune People's Committee to emergently evacuate hundreds of Co Me Village’s households; Provide temporary shelters at the camp site of Construction Joint Stock Company No. 47 (Contractor of Trung Son Hydropower Project) for people to avoid landslide risks.

Especially, the Company supported 75 cartons of noodle, 2,000 eggs and steamed sticky rice for Co Me Hamlet’s residents; 200m of plastic pipe for taking water from stream to the temporary shelters; cash donation of VND 5 million for the commune’s militia force to assist people in moving their property.

The Company mobilized many machines, means and technical staffs on-site along with Trung Son’s residents to clear the stream in Pao Village, deal with the separation between the Puon and Pao Villages; cleared the road route running through Co Me Hamlet to ensure convenient traffic; Handled large quantities of landslide soil and mud so as to ensure early road-clearance at the road section, due to landslide at the rising slope, above Co Me Hamlet and routes in Resettlement area No.1 of Trung Son Commune; Mobilized all machinery to handle and overcome all landslides from Co Luong to Co Me.

On 1/9/2018, the Company arranged some temporary classrooms in the Contractor 47’s site camps for Trung Son Primary School; supported 1,000 notebooks for primary and secondary school students and 20 school bags for kindergartens  in Trung Son Commune at the school opening ceremony.

In Muong Lat District, due to the difficult transport, the Company’s leaders and staffs transported relief goods to the dam area by land-road and canoe, renting boats to haul the relief to the flooded hamlet center. The Company’s delegation directly visited Resettlement areas No. 2 and No.3 to support 230 cartons of noodle to the residents there:  Trung Ly Commune 80 cartons and Muong Ly Commune 150 cartons.

The leadership of Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited said that the supported money for the affected communes was partly taken from the Company’s welfare fund and partly voluntarily contributed by employees.


As the relief could not be hauled by land, Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited did it by waterway to support people in flooded area.

Many road sections are in very bad condition for walking on

Company’s representatives presented rice and noodle to people in flooded area in Trung Son Commune, Quan Hoa District

The happiness of people receiving supported relief from Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited

Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited supported a sum in cash to courage teachers and students of Trung Son Primary and Secondary School.

  • 03/10/2018 04:37