Two key power grid projects to release wind power capacity in Ca Mau province completed

The two projects, including the 110kV power line Khai Long Wind Power Plant-Nam Can 110kV Substation (Ngoc Hien-Rach Goc section) and the Rach Goc 110kV Substation and its connection line, have been energized and put into operation by Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) on 29 October 2021. These are key projects critical to supplying power to Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province (the southernmost district of Viet Nam) and releasing capacity from Tan An 1 and Vien An Wind Power Plants.

The two projects, with a total investment capital of over VND213 billion, are invested by EVNSPC. In which, the 110kV power line Khai Long Wind Power Plant-Nam Can 110kV Substation has a length of 3km; and Rach Goc 110kV Substation with a scale of installation of one 40MVA transformer, along with a system of bays and equipment, meeting the criteria of an unmanned substation.

Rach Goc 110kV Substation

EVNSPC has maximally applied information technology to serve project management and operation; at the same time has closely and proactively coordinated with local authorities to overcome difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic; supported contractors in working with departments and branches in the localities where the projects are located, in registering the lists of construction forces of the contractors to be isolated before construction. As a result, the works are completed in time to release capacity from both wind power plants of Tan An 1 (100MW) and Vien An (50MW).

  • 31/10/2021 05:06
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