Vietnam’s power system needs to develop in depth

​​​​​​​This statement was made by EVN’s President and CEO Dang Hoang An in the video conference on technical management and safety in 2018 of Vietnam Electricity held on March 20, 2018.

The video conference was held at EVN’s Headquarters in Hanoi between EVN and all the corporations / companies, load dispatch centers, project management boards under EVN throughout the country, under the chairmanship of EVN’s Chairman of Board of Directors Duong Quang Thanh and EVN’s President and CEO Dang Hoang An.

EVN’s President and CEO Dang Hoang An delivered a keynote address at the Conference

The Vietnamese power system is currently the second largest in Southeast Asia and the 30th in the world in terms of scale.

The total installed capacity of the whole system by the end of 2017 is 45,253 MW. In particular, power plants under EVN’s management account for over 62% of the total capacity.

With regard to the power grid, the quantity of 500 kV transmission lines is about 7,500 km, that of 110 – 220 kV transmission lines is over 35,500 km, and the medium - low voltage lines are over 440,000 km long.

During the past years, in parallel with the extensive expansion of the power system to meet the electricity demand for socio - economic development of the country, EVN has delivered many directions of intensively developing the system with the aim of steadily improving the power quality, reducing the average power interruption duration. For example, the system operates via SCADA, unmanned substations, and remote control centers, etc. have been built up.

The video conference on technical management - safety in 2018 at EVN headquarters on March 20, 2018

Reporting at the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Hai Ha, Director of Technical – Operation Department of EVN said that the power system was operated and managed satisfactorily by EVN in 2017. However, a few failures occurred at some coal fired thermal power plants, the transmission network was under overload and full – load conditions in some areas during hot and sunny times.

With reference to safety, by the end of 2017, there were 3,220 violations of the high voltage grid right of way (1499 cases lower than that of 2016). EVN sets a target in 2018 of further reduction in the number of violations by 20% and no new violations.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Conference was divided into 4 subtopics: thermal power, hydropower, 110 - 500kV power grids and distribution grids so that all the participants discussed to work out the most effective solution in the technical management and safety ensuring in 2018.

  • 20/03/2018 10:32