Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant hitting 20 billion kWh

​​​​​​​The event to celebrate Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant completing and hitting 20 billion kWh of power output was organized by Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) in the morning of 10 April, 2018 at Vinh Tan commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province.

The construction of Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant was commenced on 8 August, 2010 with the scale of 2 generation units, total capacity of 1,244MW. The units 1 and 2 were put into operation of commercial power generation on 30 January, 2015 and 21 March, 2015 respectively.

Since it was put into operation, the plant has successfully fulfilled the task of generating power (an average of 7 billion kWh/year), especially in dry months (about 3-4 billion kWh). As of 30 March 2018, the plant has delivered 20 billion kWh to the national power grid. Annually, the plant also contributes over VND 240 billion to Binh Thuan province’s state budget.

 General Director of EVN Dang Hoang An (3rd from right) thanks the authority and people in Binh Thuan province for facilitating projects of EVN/EVNGENCO 3 to be implemented on schedule.

EVNGENCO 3 also achieved an initial success with the model of plant without repair parts (separated production and repair). The establishment of EPS Repair Service Company helped to specialize and professionalize stages, with a further target of developing capacity for repair and maintenance of power plants under the Power Generation Corporation 3 and the whole group.

The representative of EVNGENCO 3’s Trade Union (right) donating 4 charitable houses to Tuy Phong district.

Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company has contributed to socio-economic development of the locality, in which creating many jobs for people (local human resources working in Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant accounts for about 58.7% of the total labours in the plant - Reporter).

In the coming time, leaders of Binh Thuan Provincial People's Committee would like EVNGENCO 3 to continue to pay attention to the environmental protection of the plant while ensuring the construction progress of the remaining projects in Vinh Tan Power Center.

Some main progress milestones of the Project on Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant:

- Starting construction: 08 August, 2010

- Transferring the investor from EVN to EVNGENCO 3: 01 January, 2013

- The first power energization by unit 1: 15 January, 2014

- The first power energization by unit 2: 07 September, 2014

- Commercial operation of unit 1: 30 January, 2015

- Commercial operation of unit 2: 21 March, 2015

- Being granted Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC): 29 December, 2017

- Reaching power output of 20 billion kWh: 30 March, 2018


  • 10/04/2018 02:38