Electricians in wetland communicate energy conservation with local people

Despite hot, sunny weather and being surrounded by immense water in Me Kong river delta, technicians in orange clothing come to every family to present and instruct people how to use electricity economically and efficiently.

Updated 06-03-2017

To save time and cost, technicians normally give instructions to people on energy conservation during their field trips to check, maintain power lines or install power meters.

Their regular modes of transport are boats or electric boats.

Not minding difficulties or hardships, they travel by boats or go on foot. 

To facilitate travelling in rivers, they have to consider and select appropriate time for not travelling when the water subsides.

Technicians give people instructions on using compact fluorescent lamps and switching off unused electrical devices.

Technicians distribute energy conservation manuals to every household with the aim of enabling people to use electrical equipment safely and efficiently.

After all the difficulties and hardships, the last thing that remains is the people’s gratitude and affection towards technicians of the power sector.