Impressive 2017 of EVN

In 2017, EVN ensured the sufficient power supply for the demand of socio-economic development, serving the people’s living and the power reserve. Commercial power in the year grew up 8.92% in comparison with that of 2016.

Updated 01-05-2018

In 2017, EVN ensured the sufficient power supply for the demand of socio-economic development, serving the people’s living and the power reserve. Commercial power in the year grew up 8.92% in comparison with that of 2016.

The total value of construction investment by EVN in 2017 is VND130,934 billion. Nine generating units were brought into operation by the Group with the total capacity of 2,135 MW (the plan: 1,635 MW). At the end of 2017, the scale of Vietnam Electricity System is ranked 2nd in ASEAN region and 30th in the world.

EVN directly supplies power of over 25.6 million customers throughout the country.

The whole Group’s targets of power supply reliability in 2017 are higher than the planned ones, in which SAIDI was 1,077 minutes, SAIFI was 9.7 times/customer and MAIFI was 1.38 times/customer. The customer’s satisfaction level was 7.97 marks, 0.28 points higher than that of 2016.

Up to the end of 2017, the number of communes supplied with power was 99.98% and the number or rural households using power was 98.83%. EVN has covered the power supply for 11/12 island districts through the country.

In 2017, the Group continued to pay attention to environmental protection in all aspects, through from the investment preparation and the implementation to the production and business activities.

The Group and its units performed many practically significant activities of social welfare with the total value of almost VND180 billion.

The weather in 2017 was much changeable, the number of storms affecting our country hit the record for over 20 past years (16 storms). As estimated Electricity Sector incurred the loss of over VND 600 billion caused by the storms, floods. Especially, Storms No. 10 and No. 12 crippled the electrical systems in some central provinces such as Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, etc. Overcoming the challenges, officers and employees of the sector urgently remedied the disasters’ consequences, promptly re-supplied power in safety and supported the residences in rapidly re-stabilizing their living activities after storms and floods.

In 2017, scientific and technologic applications such as deploying the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the system of managing technique-operation of power plants, grids, constructing remote control centers and unmanned substations, electrical repair hotline forms, etc, were thoroughly performed in the whole Group’s units, helping to enhance power system reliability, strengthen the efficiency of production and business, modernize management mode, promote labour productivity.

Summit week of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2017 takes place in Da Nang city during 6-11 November 2017.

EVN and its member units fulfilled the task of supplying power safely, uninterruptedly, stably and avoided any electrical breakdowns, contributing to the summit’s success.

On 1st November 2017, World Bank announced Business Environment Report 2017 (Doing Business 2016). As reported, the Electricity Approach Index of Vietnam is 78.69/100 marks, stepping on the 64th rank among 190 surveyed nations, economies, increasing by 32 ranks over that of 2016. This is the highest ranking improvement since 2013 until 2017.

The Index is one among five positively changed indexes, helping the general assessment index of Vietnam economy to increase by 14 ranks in comparison with that of 2016, holding the position of 68/190 nations and economies. 

In August 2017, the Group took over the operation management of electrical systems in Spratly Islands, DK1 rigs and Con Co Island. EVN commits to sufficiently, stably, uninterruptedly supply power 24/24hr for serving soldiers, staff and people in the islands, isles, contributing to maintaining the national security and defense, sovereignty protection, the economic development of sea, islands. By the end of 2017, EVN has directly managed and supplied power for 11/12 island districts throughout the country. This is a great attempt of Electricity sector in implementing public-benefit tasks, ensuring the power supply to almost remote, mountainous, border, island communes of the Country.

On 21 December 2012, EVN announced that all the electricity services are officially provided online, serving customers via the customer care websites of 5 Power Corporations, the “EVN and Customers” Column, and website: as well. This event addressed an enormous stride in the EVN’s business and customer services, affirming that the Group has been constantly innovating, keeping up with the tide of Industrial Revolution 4.0 with the aim to most highly meet the customers’ demands.

On 22 March 2017, EVN Chairman Mr. Duong Quang Thanh and Mr. Vu Tien Loc - Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) entered into an agreement to promote mutual cooperation, information exchanges.

VCCI would provide information on reflective comments from Vietnamese business community on the provision of electrical services of EVN and its member units; organize to appraise the customer’s satisfaction level on electrical services; preside over the announcement of the above appraisal results through mass media. EVN will use market survey services provided by VCCI to conduct the assessment of customer’s satisfaction level.

The Project of national grid provision for Lai Son, Hon Nghe, Son Hai communes, Kien Giang province was accomplished and put into operation on 20 January 2017 with the total investment capital of VND 652 billion, supplying power to over 3,000 households.

The project has stably, uninterruptedly supplied power for island communes of Kien Giang province; contributing to maintaining national security and defense; improving the living of people and border-guard, marine police forces; generating motivation for developing tourism on the islands. Energizing the islands with national grid also lessens the annual budget burden for subsidized diesel power stations in Lai Son, Hon Nghe and Son Hai island communes.

114 candidates participated in EVN-level Proficient worker Contest of 2017 in 4 sections: Power distribution, Power transmission, hydro-power and thermo- power.

 EVN organizes the contest every 3 years to assess the quality of direct labour force, form the platform for training, developing, coaching, improving labour quality and fostering the movement of production with high productivity, quality, efficiency and safety.