Power purchase procedures

I have rented the land for 5 years (with contract) for aquaculture. What shall I do to purchase power?

Nguyen Ngoc Thanh
Ke Sach district - Soc Trang Province


The procedure to purchase power for aquaculture purposes includes:

- Written Application of Power purchase (form 02) or written request to purchase power.

- One copy of a document certifying power purchase place: In this case, it is your 5-year land-lease agreement.

- One copy of a document certifying the purpose of power usage: Certificate of business registration in the field of aquaculture in this locality, or license for the establishment of aquaculture farm in this locality, etc. In case you have no document to determine your purpose of power usage in the locality, on your Request for power purchase, you must obtain a certification on the purpose of power usage from the Commune People's Committee.

- For precise advices, please contact your local Contact Center via the following link:


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  • 27/05/2016