7 groups of solutions to enhance the efficiency of coal - fired power plant operation

Talking to evn.com.vn, Mr. Ngo Son Hai – Vice President of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) said that in order to improve the efficiency of coal - fired power plant operation, during recent years, EVN has proposed 7 basic solutions.

Specifically, the solution groups comprise:

Operation engineers in Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant - Photo: Dinh Lien

Improving the capacity of managing and operating coal - fired thermal power plants;

Focusing on reinforcing equipment of coal – fired thermal power plants;

Organizing maintenance and repair activities in a professional manner, improving the maintenance quality;

Strengthening coal supply, ensuring the quality and quantity of coal supply for power generation, especially imported coal;

Studying coal blending to improve combustion process and extend the permanent operation cycle of the boiler;

Enhancing environmental protection;

Improving the quality of coal – fired thermal power projects.

The implementation of the above-mentioned solution groups over recent years has brought positive results. Coal – fired thermal power plants generated 27.9 billion kWh in the first quarter of 2019, 5.78 billion kWh more than that in the first quarter of 2018 (up 26.12%). In particular, in March 2019, coal - fired thermal power plants set a new record with the electricity generation of 10.77 billion kWh, exceeding the target and accounting for 53.38% of the total electricity generation and trading output of the whole power system.

Currently, in the power system of Vietnam, there are 64 coal - fired thermal power units with a total capacity of 18,579MW, accounting for 37.86% of the total installed capacity of the power system. In which, EVN’s member organizations manage and operate 34 power units with a total capacity of 11,385MW (accounting for 61.22% of the total coal - fired thermal power installed capacity).

A coal – fired thermal power plant is composed of many technical infrastructure systems such as fuel supply, water treatment, coal crushing, boiler, turbine, generator, cooling system, environmental protection system, ash and slag discharge system, etc. therefore only one of those systems operating abnormally will affect the designed efficiency and consequently the performance of the power plant.

  • 26/04/2019 04:48
  • evn.com.vn