Bac Lieu: Energizing non-electrified circuits along 1A National Highway completed

Bac Lieu Power Company (PC) has just implemented acceptance tests and energized additional items of power supply works in non-electrified circuits in areas along 1A National Highway in Gia Rai town, supplying power to more than 15 residential and shrimp farming households.

Thus, the PC has completed the entire power supply works for without-access-to-electricity areas along 1A National Highway in Bac Lieu province.


Gia Rai PC (under Bac Lieu PC) energizes and puts into service a three-phase substation belonging to power supply works for without-access-to-electricity areas along 1A National Highway.

The project includes the construction of nearly 2,500m of medium-low voltage transmission lines, installation of a three-phase substation with a capacity of 112.5kVA (3x37.5kVA). The total project investment is nearly VND1.3 billion, implemented in ten months (from November 2020 to September 2021).

With the completion of these additional items, Bac Lieu PC has completed all power supply works for without-access-to-electricity areas along 1A National Highway in the province in 2021, with a volume of more than 11,800m of medium voltage single-phase and three-phase power lines, more than 15,770m of low voltage lines and 18 substations with a total capacity of 900kVA. The total value of the project is over VND12.9 billion.

Currently, the rural power grid in Bac Lieu province has been strengthened and ensured safe and continuous operation, contributing to reducing the power supply radius, improving power quality, and creating motivation for hunger eradication and poverty reduction programs, creating favorable conditions for the production structure transformation for people in rural areas, contributing to improving and gradually narrowing the development gap between urban and rural areas in a sustainable way.

Over the past years, Bac Lieu PC has been actively promoting its roles and responsibilities, gradually coordinating with the locality to “join hands to construct a new rural area" in upgrading, renovating and expanding the rural power grid to complete criterion No. 4 (on rural electricity) in the implementation of the National Target Program on new rural construction to support socio-economic development, contribute to improving the living standards of people in rural areas.

Up to now, the number of daily life access-to-electricity households in the province is 236,730/237,552 households, reaching 99.65%, the number of communes meeting criterion No. 4 on electricity in new rural construction is 49/49 communes, reaching the rate of 100%.

  • 07/09/2021 03:03
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