Business and Customer Service: Bright spots in 2023

In 2023, in the context of many difficulties, the team of employees working in business and customer service in Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has made efforts to successfully implement many targets and goals. Internal processes are increasingly being improved, customer experience is digitized, etc. Thereby, we have continued to create qualitative changes in business and customer service work.

Improve access-to-electricity index

With the mission of "Lighting up beliefs", EVN constantly brings electricity to serve people in all parts of the country. EVN has maintained an average customer growth rate of over 5%/year. If, in 2013, EVN served about 20.9 million customers nationwide, by 2023, the number of customers served by EVN will be more than 30.3 million customers.

In parallel with customer development, EVN has also made efforts to perform well on the access-to-electricity index. As noted by the 2022 Provincial Competitiveness Index Report (PCI - announced in April 2023), in the surveyed areas related to improving the business environment, and enhancing competitiveness in localities, access-to-electricity was assessed by businesses as having the most positive changes. This is the 6th consecutive year that electricity has maintained the leading position in the PCI Infrastructure Index. Besides, according to assessments of domestic businesses, electricity quality is also one of the bright spots in infrastructure quality in 63 provinces and cities. For enterprises with foreign investment (FDI), the power sector continues to be rated highest in infrastructure quality.

Providing online, multi-channel electricity services

EVN's customer service ecosystem

In the first 6 months of 2023, EVN's electricity units received over 22.3 million requests for electricity services. In particular, customers mainly send electricity service requests through 5 Customer Care Centers, local Public Administration centers, National Public Service Portal, etc. The rate of electronic transactions throughout EVN reached 99.62%. In particular, some units performed well such as Central Power Corporation and Southern Power Corporation at approximately 100%, Northern Power Corporation also reached a rate of 99.96%, and so on.

Top unit on the National Public Service Portal (NPSP)

On the National Public Service Portal - which provides level-4 online electricity services - EVN has been highly appreciated by people and businesses. For many consecutive months in 2023, EVN was recognized in the Top 3 leading Ministries/sectors in serving people and businesses on NPSP.

EVN is in the top 3 leading ministries and sectors in terms of service quality on the NPSP in 2023 (Data dated December 28, 2023)

EVN has completed restructuring its business processes, building, connecting, integrating, and sharing residential data of the Residential Database through NPSP with 100% of electricity services being provided on NPSP. In 2023, EVN continues to deploy the integration of level 2 electronic identification of the Ministry of Public Security, through which people can digitally sign electronic service transactions through the VNeID platform, NPSP. This is also EVN's effort in implementing the theme of National Digital Data Year - 2023; Actively contributing to implementing the Project to develop the application of population data, identification, and electronic authentication to serve national digital transformation in the period 2022 - 2025 (Project 06).

94.49% of customers pay electricity bills without using cash

In 2023, EVN's rate of non-cash payment customers will reach 94.49% (by September 2023). This result is EVN's efforts in propagating, advocating, and creating many advantages for customers to easily use modern forms of payment. Currently, a number of modern payment forms are very popular with electricity customers such as Authorized collection, authorized payment, electronic wallet, automatic debt deduction, and so on.

Diversifying the customer care ecosystem

At EVN's Customer Care Centers, channels for receiving and interacting with customers are constantly expanding in quantity and improving in quality: switchboard, customer service application, customer service website, e-mail, Zalo, Facebook, callbot/chatbot, etc.

In particular, in 2023, some Customer Care Centers have developed additional free call channels, with no call charges from the customer care app/web, thereby improving customer service efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction experience.

Currently, EVN's EVNConnect digital ecosystem has also been developed to strengthen connections with digital transformation platforms of the Government, ministries, branches, localities, and partners to provide services and serve customers on these digital platforms.

Investing and developing a modern measurement system

In 2023, the proportion of electronic meters throughout the Group will reach 87.8% (as of September 2023). This is a very long step forward, compared to the electronic meter rate of only 8% in 2013.

Some Power Corporations within EVN have achieved 100% or approximately 100% electronic distance meters such as Hanoi City Power Corporation, Central Power Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation. The completion of the development of distance meters allows operators to exploit and use updated data to bring electricity index information to customers every day. Thanks to that, on the website and customer care app of EVNHANOI, EVNCPC, EVNHCMC, customers can monitor and track the daily power consumption index, promptly adjusting electricity usage behavior towards efficiency and savings. This also ensures transparency and objectivity; and minimizes customer inquiries about electricity indicators and electricity bills.

From 2023, some EVN customer care centers will provide additional free calling features to the switchboard via the customer care app/web

Along with developing a modern metering system, units within the Group have applied barcode technology in customer management, metering, and electricity bill payments, etc. EVN strives to achieve 100% installation and use of electronic distance meters by the end of 2025.

100% digitization of business processes and internal operations

In 2023, EVN will adjust the average retail electricity price twice, and at the same time, direct Power Corporations to carry out important tasks such as changing the index recording date to the end of the month, and so on. These operations are all implemented on the Electricity Customer Management Information System (CMIS) 4.0. 

According to the motto of digitization and digital transformation, all processes and customer information in EVN's field of business and customer service are managed with CMIS 4.0. This is the core system of the entire electricity sales business, including all the features and functions that meet the requirements following the electricity business and customer service business processes, meeting the professional requirements of business and customer service work in the time of digital transformation.

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