Changing awareness of electricity saving: Unexpected effectiveness

Electricity saving is not just a slogan but an important reality and solution in the current context. This shows everyone's responsibility and cooperation in protecting energy sources and sustainable development.

Gradually getting into reality, regularly and consistently in implementation

Experiencing a hot summer like that in 2023, the implementation of electricity saving in the Hanoi area in recent years has achieved positive results. Up to now, the awareness and habit of using electricity economically among people in the city has gradually eliminated wasteful electricity use. For example, Mr. Ngoc Toan (Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi), thanks to access to electricity saving solutions that staff of Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI) guided and compared, after 1 month, his family saved more than VND 200,000.

Production manufactory of JK Vietnam Industrial Joint Stock Company

Not only for households, the introduction of models and solutions to save electricity, thereby saving for production and business costs, is also implemented effectively by many companies and businesses.

Mr. Do Quang Quyet - Deputy Director of Administration and Human Resources of JK Vietnam Industrial Joint Stock Company said: "The biggest benefit when participating in the DR program is to proactively minimize the impacts to the production process when there are special situations causing power supply interruption. This is proactively researched to optimize the production line, ensuring compensation for downtime.”

Also according to Mr. Quyet, since participating in EVNHANOI's DR program, the company has saved 3% on monthly electricity bills compared to the previous time, as well as avoiding overloading for the Power sector during peak hours.

EVNHANOI with strong efforts

Hanoi Power Corporation has been implementing many solutions to ensure a stable and reliable power supply. In particular, propagandizing for customers in the area to join hands in using electricity economically is one of the solutions to save costs for customers while improving the power supply quality in the Capital.

EVNHANOI employee introducing to customer features on EVNHANOI Website.

Thanks to diversifying forms of communication such as distributing leaflets, conducting reports on television, informing on newspapers, radio broadcasting through the National Traffic VOV channel, bus advertising, video clips, and so on, in recent times, power customers in the Capital have had many good models and solutions in using energy economically and effectively.

Along with propagating and instructing on economical electricity use, EVNHANOI also advocates and encourages customers to participate in monitoring meter readings and looking up electricity consumption indexes through applications of the Capital electricity industry such as Website, App EVNHANOI, Zalo OA EVNHANOI, etc. so that customers have a reasonable electricity usage plan.

It can be seen that changing electricity usage habits towards becoming more and more economical has not only brought benefits to power customers themselves but also helped EVNHANOI perform well in the management and operation of the power grid safely and effectively, and anti-overload, reducing the stresses on the capital's power grid system.

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