Completing overhaul of power unit H2 of Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant ahead of schedule

Song Tranh Hydropower Company has just completed the overhaul of power unit H2 - Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant at 5:22 pm on August 27, 4 days ahead of schedule. The power plant thus is ready for being operated at its full capacity in the flood season in 2021 (from September 1 every year). The overhaul of each power unit is carried out every 4 years.

Song Tranh Hydropower Company performing an overhaul of power unit H2

Previously, following the direction of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and Power Generation Corporation 1 (EVNGENCO1) on the implementation of COVID-19 pandemic fighting measures, Song Tranh Hydropower Company had requested all the employees to be in centralized isolation at the power plant.

With the motto "Determined to overhaul power unit H2 with satisfactory quality, ahead of schedule and safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic", from August 1, 2021, Song Tranh Hydropower Company has divided its workforce into 3 shifts working 24/24h, with the highest productivity and the best quality. The company has deployed quickly implementation measures, resolved problems at the site, created favorable conditions, and at the same time ensured absolute safety for personnel and equipment during the overhaul.

Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant is built in Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province. The plant has an installed capacity of 190 MW, including 2 power units, having an average annual electricity output of about 670 million kWh.

  • 01/09/2021 02:59
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