“Online Examining Disease” for equipment operating on the grid

Technical management of power systems and power grids is one of the fields of digital transformation implemented by Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC). Notably, EVNCPC has successfully digitized and exploited real-time data on the Power Source and Grid Technical Management Software System (PMIS). At the same time, it combines the solution ofcondition-based maintenance (CBM) to online monitor the status of grid equipment in digital space.

Completing database

Currently, EVNCPC is managing a power grid system including more than 34,000km of 110kV and medium-voltage transmission lines, more than 29,900 110kV substations and distributing and supplying power to about 4.4 million customers in 13 provinces and cities in the Central - Central Highlands.

When performing the digital transformation, EVNCPC builds a synchronous database of source equipment and power grid systems on EVN's shared PMIS software.

Accordingly, substations, transformers, or each "tiny" device on the grid such as circuit breakers, Recloser, LBS, DCL, FCO, etc., are updated with accurate information, "records", operational history in PMIS. This is a very important first step in the digital transformation of grid operation management, bringing the grid from the real space into the digital space.

In addition, EVNCPC is also coordinating with corporations under EVN to standardize the equipment list on PMIS software for common use throughout EVN. After EVN promulgates the list, the data mapping will be performed for standardization throughout EVN.

Timely equipment maintenance will reduce grid problems

In order to effectively exploit data from PMIS, EVNCPC conducted research, and after the pilot period of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), by January 2021, EVNCPC has officially implemented apply this method. Scoring to "diagnose" health and maintain equipment in a timely manner

Accordingly, on the basis of the database on the power grid system, which is regularly updated through the PMIS program, important electrical equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers in 110kV substations are scored CHI (Condition Health Index - Device health index) and analyze the operating status for real-time “disease diagnosis”. On that basis, there are measures to strengthen monitoring in operation, promptly adjust the inspection and testing cycle, and take measures for maintenance and handling to avoid unfortunate incidents that may occur.

During the implementation process, CBM has shown many advantages such as timely maintenance, reduction in incidents causing equipment damage, reduction in testing costs, periodic maintenance and repair, and power outage on equipment.

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