EVN: Nearly 4,500 bags of medicines and many emergency medical supplies in the first assistance time have arrived in Ho Chi Minh City

On the afternoon of August 28, the first assistance batch of medicines and emergency medical supplies of  Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and the Vietnam Electricity Trade Union arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and will be transported to employees (under the member organizations in the South) who are being monitored and treated for COVID-19 at home.

Actively responding to Joint Directive No. 5099/CTLT-EVN-CDDVN dated 19 August 2021, between the President and CEO of Vietnam Electricity and the Standing Board of the VietnamElectricity Trade Union on assisting employees of Vietnam Electricity in the Southern region affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam Electricity and the Vietnam Electricity Trade Union have urgently purchased medicines and some emergency medical supplies for fighting against COVID-19 from Hanoi to send to Ho Chi Minh City and Southern provinces.

Specifically, in the first batch, Vietnam Electricity and the Vietnam Electricity Trade Union sent 4,445 bags of medicines for preventing and supporting treatment of COVID-19, 295oximeters and 5,190 COVID-19 rapid test kits to Ho Chi Minh City, based on the use needs registered by the member organizations.

Leaders of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) hope that these initial assistances on medicines and emergency medical supplies will help member organizations in the South to better perform health care for their employees, thereby satisfactorily realizing the "dual duty" - both securing an uninteruptted, safe and stable operation of the power system, and effectively preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some photos of receiving and distributing medicines and emergency medical supplies to EVN's member organizations in the South this afternoon (August 28)

The first batch of medicines and emergency medical supplies to assist member organizations in the South have been transported to Ho Chi Minh City. 

Medicine boxes were distributed and carefully packed according to the needs of each organization. 


These medicines are prepared according to the instructions at Document No. 5718/SYT-NVY 2021 dated 17 August 2021 of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City on updating "Instructions on home health care packages for covid infected cases".


Immediately after being transported to destinations, medicines and emergency medical supplies were handed over to representatives of the organizations.


EVNSPC is the focal point to receive 1,480 COVID-19 rapid test kits, 155 SpO2 oximeters to monitor blood oxygen saturation in this first assistance time.

Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2) received medicines and emergency medical supplies


It is expected that the Group will continue to support medicines and emergency medical supplies for the second time to assist EVN’s member organizations in the South to perform the "dual duty".

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