DHD targeting pre-tax profit of VND 464 billion in 2018

Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company (DHD) announced its annual report in 2017, the first year of listing its share on UpCOM stock exchange (from June, 2017).

DHD operated under the form of joint stock company from the end of 2011 and became a public company in March 2017. The company has a charter capital of VND 4,224 billion, equivalent to 422.4 million shares.

According to DHD's annual report, in 2017, the company's power production output reached 3.328 billion kWh, surpassing 22.35% as compared with the plan. The total revenue was over VND 1,725 trillion, surpassing 13.7% of the year’s plan, post-tax profit reached over VND 655 billion, increasing 32% compared to 2017 and surpassed 33.8% of the profit target set by the Shareholders' General Meeting.

With that result, dividends of 2017 are allocated by rate of 18% instead of 10% as planned.

For development orientation in medium and long-term, the Company deploys expansion of Da Nhim Hydropower Plant with the capacity by 80MW, expected to be completed by the end of 2018; improves, upgrades the equipment system of Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Plant; invests in the project of Da Mi Solar Power Plant, etc.

In 2018, the Company sets a target with power output of 2.665 billion kWh, total revenue of about VND 1.575 trillion and pre-tax profit of VND 644 billion.

According to the annual report, the total number of the Company’s staffs and employees is 264 people as of 31 December, 2017, including 4 masters, 119 university graduates, 74 college and intermediate ones and 67 workers. Their average salary is about VND 22.3 million/person/month.

  • 18/04/2018 04:49
  • evn.com.vn