Project of supply power from national grid to rural area of Nghe An province energized despite rain and cold

“Energizing ceremony of the project of “supply power from the national grid to rural area of Nghe An province” took place on 5 December 2015 at the mountainous commune of Dien Lam, Quy Chau district, Nghe An province. Leaders of Nghe An province, EVN and many residents of Dien Lam commune attended the ceremony.

Located 35km away from the district’s center, Dien Lam was one of the most difficult communes of Quy Chau mountainous district; over 80% of the population were Thai ethnic people and 50% of households are poor. People here rely mostly on water rice and high land field cultivation. Due to rough terrain with mountains, the residents has not been connected with national power grid. Previously, they mostly had used oil lamps. Families with better conditions could buy a diesel generator or turbine placed on the stream to run as a small hydro power generator; However, it cost a lot of money while produced very weak and unstable power output.

Mr. Quang Van Dan from Xop Hoc hamlet shared that previously, his family bought a turbine placed on the stream 1km away from home to generate power. And the power was just enough for a light, and sometimes for a fan in the summer. In the rainy season, it was better while in the dry season, they mostly had to use oil lamp. Life was so hard by then. Now as the national power grid was connected, he would buy an electric cooker to cook rice. That would be nice.

Leaders of Nghe An province, EVN and delegates inaugurating the project

"Since the national power grid was realized, local people feel very happy and grateful to the Communist Party, the Government and the Power Sector. Electricity will give us more chance to develop the economy, enhance the physical and spiritual life and contribute to the construction of a new rural development programme in Dien Lam”, said Mr. Vo Minh Ngoc, Chairman of Dien Lam Communal People’s Committee.

The energization of power in Dien Lam brought in many plans for the residents to develop the economy to get out of poverty.

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh- Chairman of the Management Board of EVN declared: “EVN commits to concentrate all its resources on completing the 1st phase of the project of power supply from the national grid to rural area of Nghe An province in December 2015, ensuring power supply to households in 16 communes, raising the percentage of households with electricity to 100%. Next, we will complete the 2nd phase of the project, aiming at improving the life for all ethnic peoples in Nghe An province”.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong- Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee claimed: “I highly appreciate and thank for all the efforts and determination of EVN, Northern Power Corporation, Nghe An Power company and relevant parties to overcome difficulties and challenges for implementing the project in compliance with to the schedule and quality, bringing electricity to people in the remote areas. I do hope that the Power sector will continue to invest efficiently on Phase 2”.

The project “supply power from the national grid to rural areas of Nghe An province”:

  • Employer: The Northern Power Corporation
  • Investment capital: nearly VND800 billion
  • Construction of 203 substations, 682 km of MV line, 415 km of LV line (0.4 kV).
  • Installation of 18,218 meters.
  • 2 phases:

+ From 2014- 2016: supplying power to the center of 16 communes (in which there were 12 border communes), 41 villages and 4,265 households with total investment of more than VND206 billion.

+ From 2016- 2020: implementing the remaining works with total value of VND576 billion.


  • 01/02/2016 04:00