EVN is committed to providing the best support for scaling up rooftop solar power

Despite a great potential and a lot of advantages, rooftop solar power has not popularly developed in Vietnam. What should be done to promote this type of energy?

Why rooftop solar power should be developed?

According to Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan – EVN’s President and CEO, since 2017 after the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 11 on mechanisms to encourage the development of solar power, large scale solar farm projects have developed vigorously. However, too many investment projects have been densely constructed in areas where have large solar radiation intensity and accessible sites (mostly in South Central provinces). This has created a great pressure on the transmission grid; some solar power plants consequently will not be able to run at full capacity, which will affect investment efficiency of these projects.

To deal with this situation, rooftop solar power development is a particularly effective solution, contributing to ensuring energy security, because this power source can connect to the existing low voltage grids of EVN. However, until now, only 1,800 customers have installed rooftop PV systems all over the country with the total capacity of about 30MWp and the total electricity output of nearly 4 million kWh, which is too small compared to the potential.

At the recently held seminar on "Promoting Rooftop Solar PV Development in Vietnam", according to Ms. Nguy Thi Khanh - Director of Green Development Center (GreenID), there are more than 11 million households in total in Vietnam. If being effectively exploited, this type of energy will contribute to remarkably relieving the pressure on the power system and prevent local overloads of the transmission grid.

According to energy experts, rooftop solar power can also be deployed in the form of sharing: EVN shares their power grids for investors; households share their rooftops; investors can invest capital and equipment, etc. When installing rooftop solar PV systems, households can not only save their electricity costs but also contribute to alleviating power supply pressure on EVN.

Vietnam has a huge potential for rooftop solar PV development,  especially in the central and southern regions

How rooftop solar can be promoted?

The development of rooftop solar power in Vietnam has faced a lot of obstacles because so far no official guidance has been issued to guide on how to pay customers for their generation outputs; initial investment costs are still high; customers have big concerns due to lack of information about equipment quality, construction - installation companies, operating modes, etc.

According to Ms. Nguy Thi Khanh, in the coming time, the authorities should promote communication activities, so that every household can understand advantages,  investment costs, grid connection methods of rooftop solar PV systems, etc.; at the same time, the Government should introduce some supporting schemes such as tax exemption during the time when investment capital has not been recovered; or credit support programs ...

In addition, mechanisms should be established to attract donors, banks, investors, manufacturers, international and domestic organizations to participate extensively and intensively in this market, attractive solutions and service packages should be offered to encourage customers to invest in and utilize rooftop solar PV systems, etc.

In particular, the Ministry of Industry and Trade should issue a Circular to amend Circular No.16/2017 in an early manner, thereby EVN and its power utilities can sign contracts and pay customers for their electricity outputs sold to the grid; at the same time, developing technical standards for rooftop solar power technology to ensure quality, safety and efficiency for customers as well as the grid system.

From EVN’s perspective, Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan said that EVN was committed to meeting all requirements of people and businesses in the best way such as: simplifying grid connection procedures; timely paying for electricity output generated by rooftop PV systems after such a guidance circular being made available; free of charge installing two-way meters, etc. EVN will continue to act as a pioneer in the communication program and deployment of rooftop solar PV installations so that people and businesses can see the benefits and efficiency from particular models.

  • 24/03/2019 10:58
  • evn.com.vn