EVN reviews business and customer service activities in 2023

The conference to review the performance in 2023 and realize the business and customer service plan for 2024 was held by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) on the morning of January 18 in Hanoi, connected to 770 endpoints of power companies across the country. EVN’s President and CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan chaired the conference.

Many positive results

At the conference, the Director of EVN’s Business Department Nguyen Quoc Dung stated that in 2023, the total power sales of EVN reached 253.052 billion kWh, growing by 4.26% compared to 2022 and meeting the assigned target. Considering load categories, the power sales to industrial customers accounted for the largest proportion, with 129.22 billion kWh, equivalent to 51.1% of the total power sales; followed by the power sales to management and residential customers, 90.7 billion kWh, accounting for 35.8% of the total power sales.

EVN has kept on making efforts to take over power grids and supply electricity in rural, mountainous, and island areas. By the end of 2023, the number of communes being electrified nationwide reached 100% and the number of households having access to electricity achieved 99.74%, of which the number of electrified rural households reached 99.60%.

Power supply reliability indexes were further improved, in which SAIDI (system average interruption duration index in the year) reached 223.6 minutes, a decrease of about 43.5 minutes (corresponding to a 16,3% decrease) compared to 2022. All five Power Corporations achieved and exceeded their assigned targets of power supply reliability indexes.

In 2023, the inspection and supervision of electricity trading were carried out effectively by Power Corporations. During the year, 126,678 records of electricity use inspection were made, and 74 million kWh were collected with a total arrears of VND 247 billion. In which, 1,322 cases of electricity theft were detected and handled, 7.45 million kWh was collected, corresponding to a compensation amount from customers of VND 23.77 billion, contributing to reducing power loss throughout the system.

Also in the past year, according to the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, EVN adjusted its electricity tariff twice. Power Corporations well performed the tariff schedule adjustment, publicly and transparently listing the electricity tariff schedule, and promptly answering customers' inquiries.  

Conference point at EVN Headquarters (Hanoi). EVN’s President and CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan chairs the conference

Enhancing the convenience for customers

In 2023, digital transformation and the application of science and technology to modernize EVN's business and electricity services achieved further achievements. 100% of electricity services were provided online at level 4 at the National Public Service Portal, public administrative centers, and local Public Service Portals of provinces/cities. This was also EVN's effort to implement the 2023 theme – the year of National Digital Data; At the same time, actively contributed to the implementation of the Project to develop the application of population data, electronic identification, and authentication to serve the national digital transformation in the period 2022-2025 (Project 06).

According to data until the end of 2023 published on the National Public Service Portal, among the 21 ministries and entities providing online services on the Portal, EVN was in the top 3 leading entities; In which EVN's indicators of transparency, online public services, and customer satisfaction always remained in the top for many consecutive months.

The rate of electronic transactions across EVN reached 99.61% (0.05% higher than 2022). During the year, EVN focused on promoting electronic electricity services, and electronize the entire electricity service provision process. In 2023, Power Corporations received over 50.918 million requests for electricity services, of which the number of requests received directly at customer transaction offices was only 1,190; The major remainder was received through Customer Care Centers, Public Administration, and Public Services Centers (approximately 100%).

As for electricity service requests received through the National Public Service Portal, the request fulfillment rate reached 99.91%; The best performers were EVNHANOI and EVNCPC with a fulfilment rate of 100%.  

Director of EVN’s Business Department Nguyen Quoc Dung presents report reviewing business and customer service activities in 2023

Power companies continued expanding cooperation with banks and intermediary payment organizations to diversify electricity bill payment channels. There are currently more than 27.47 million customers using non-cash payment forms, accounting for 94.88% of EVN's total customers. This is an achievement gained from the digital transformation process in electricity bill payment aimed at diversifying payment methods towards non-cash payment.

By the end of 2023, all five Power Corporations had installed a total of 30.84 million meters, including 27.99 million electronic meters (accounting for 90.78%) and 2.84 million mechanical meters (accounting for 9.22%). To date, three Power Corporations which are EVNCPC, EVNHANOI, and EVNHCMC have reached the rate 100% of measurement data collection by remote reading.

Accompanying customers in using electricity economically and effectively

Regarding demand response, in 2023, EVN had implemented more than 1,000 non-commercial voluntary demand response (DR) events according to Circular No. 23/2017/TT-BCT dated November 16, 2017 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the participation of more than 38,000 customers, the highest capacity reduction in one event reached 495MW.

At the end of 2023, Power Corporations signed non-commercial voluntary demand response agreements with 12,059 customers, with a potential reduction of 2,802.42MW.

The total electricity savings nationwide in 2023 reached 5.522 billion kWh, equivalent to 2.3% of the total power sales. This result demonstrated the efforts of power companies in coordinating with state management agencies and authorities to implement solutions for the economical and effective use of electricity. This result also met and exceeded the target set in the Prime Minister's Electricity Saving Directive (saving at least 2% of the total electricity consumption in comparison with 2022).

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