EVNNPT determines to complete power transmission project to import electricity from Laos on schedule

The project of expanding and rehabilitating Thanh My 500kV substation (Quang Nam province) invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) is expected to start construction in December 2023 and be energized in June 2024. The project aims at fulfilling the bilateral cooperation commitment between Vietnam and Laos in the energy area, and at the same time contributes to alleviating capacity loss in the transmission grid, improving the operation and business performance of Vietnam's electricity industry.

At a meeting on reviewing the project implementation status on May 9 in Hanoi, EVNNPT's General Director Pham Le Phu - Head of the Steering Committee, emphasized that this is a key and urgent project, with a critical construction period, only one year left from now until project completion. Despite many challenges, EVNNPT determines to complete the project in June 2024 to meet the set target.

On May 9 in Hanoi, Mr. Pham Le Phu - General Director of National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT), Head of Steering Committee of Project of expanding and rehabilitating Thanh My 500kV substation, chairing a meeting to review project’s implementation status.

EVNNPT’s General Director Pham Le Phu requested functional departments of EVNNPT and the Power Transmission Project Management Board (NPTPMB) to coordinate with relevant units to carefully review and have technical design documents, bidding documents, etc. approved at the soonest possible time. In parallel, there should perform the measurement and site clearance for 30 foundation positions that have been transferred before, starting the construction of power lines.

NPTPMB works closely with Nam Giang district to promptly submit the transitional land use plan in 2023 to the Provincial People's Committee for approval, to adjust the project name and the investor's name accordingly. Based on the required schedule of construction commencement in December 2023 and project completion in June 2024, NPTPMB has set up a detailed schedule for each project activity to manage and control the project progress.

Construction and installation activities should be carried out in parallel with compensation and site clearance. After having the site cleared for construction of the substation, there should be synchronously implemented many solutions of leveling, foundation embankment, anti-slippery treatment, underground drift prevention, etc. to speed up the leveling progress.

Functional departments of EVNNPT need to prepare a plan for mobilizing materials and equipment to energize the project on schedule. Closely coordinating with the investor of the wind power plant project (Laos) during the implementation process to ensure equipment synchronization at both ends of the substation.

  • 10/05/2023 12:15
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