Electric Power brightening up remote areas of Central Highlands

Gia Nghia power branch under Dak Nong Power Company organized to energize the national power grid works for villages of 4, 5 and 6 of Dak R’Mang Commune, Dak G’long District (Dak Nong Province) - The villages’ locations are almost isolated from the commune center.

The project is planned to supply power to poor villages in Dak R’Mang Commune with 15km of medium voltage line and 13km of low voltage one, 5 substations with the total capacity of 320kVA, supplying power for nearly 700 households with the total capital of  VND 11.9 billion.

Power being supplied to remote communes in Dak G’long District

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tri, Deputy Director of Gia Nghia power branch said that from the beginning of July, 2018, their workers were present 24/24 in Dak R’Mang Commune to urgently install and supply power to local people.

It is a big challenge to supply power to the villages of the Central Highlands in the rainy season. However, being aware of this great policy of the Party and the State, Gia Nghia’s workers have strived and overcome the difficulties to complete the power supply for more than 700 households in phase 1.

Giang A Phu - Village 6’s Secretary shared that over the years, spiritual life of local people had been positively changed thanks to the attention from local authorities. The village had a health care system, schools, roads, etc., and now local people only desire to be supplied power.

Being notified that the State provided power lines to each household, everyone was excited. Some people were on the tiptoe of  waiting for the Electricity workers to install electricity meters in their houses, some people rushed to the commune center to buy televisions, etc.

Mr. Tran Nam Thuan - Vice Chairman of Dak G’long District People’s Committee said that in phase 1 of the project, the Power sector and local authority gave first priority of power supply to extremely disadvantaged villages.

Through conversations with local people, we realized that the power supply to the villages has helped reduce the people’s daily life difficulties. They expressed their happiness and gratitude to the Government for regular caring and paying much attention to life of migrants in Dak Nong.

  • 24/07/2018 04:34
  • evn.com.vn