In 2018, DHD achieved over 110% of the electricity production plan

Mr. Do Minh Loc, Deputy General Director of Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company, said that in 2018 the Company produced 2.95 billion kWh, reaching 110.69% of the plan.

In 2018, although the average amount of water flow into hydropower reservoirs was low (in Da Nhim reservoir it was 17.36m3/s while the average level in many years was 22.79m3/s, in Ham Thuan reservoir it was 60.71m3/s while the average level was 51.03m3/s), the company seriously adhered to dispatching orders made by the National Load Dispatch Center. At the same time, the company made a thorough preparation in terms of personnel and equipment, including the reduction of outage duration for repair and maintenance.

The regulation of reservoirs strictly complied with operation procedures. In 2018, no accidents, safety violations, fires or labor accidents occurred in the company.

 DHD effectively operated power plants in 2018 - Photo: Dinh Lien

In 2019, DHD's plan sets the targeted generation output of 2,665 billion kWh; at the same time well implementing technical and economic criteria; accomplishing plans of revenue, costs, profits and dividends; keeping on effectively applying information technology to corporate governance and production management, improving business – production efficiency and labor productivity.

With predictions about difficult hydrological situation, the occurrence of El Nino and prolonged drought, the company aims to optimally operate power plants to take full use of the water flow into reservoirs, harmoniously realizing the targets of electricity generation and water supply for downstream areas. Along with that, the company will make investments and effectively perform projects; improve the quality of management of construction investment projects.

In particular, the company will strive to complete the remaining items of Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Extension Project to put power unit No.5 into operation at full capacity of 80MW. Da Mi Solar Power Plant Project will be closely monitored to ensure the project schedule of commercial operation before June 30, 2019.

  • 14/02/2019 03:09